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Should you get wedding insurance?

You may have heard about insuring your wedding day, but do you know exactly what wedding insurance is and what it protects? There are many things that can occur to ruin your big day! Anything can put a damper on your wedding, from sudden cancellations to stolen gifts, or a damaged gown. Wedding insurance can help protect you from unforeseen disasters and give you peace of mind.

Not sure what wedding insurance really is? Basically, wedding insurance helps protect the investment that you or someone else has into your special day. For example, if your photographer doesn’t show up and you have to find a last-minute replacement for double the original price, this is considered a wedding day financial loss, and wedding insurance can help protect you from it.

Wedding insurance can cover many different aspects of your wedding. It can cover problems that occur with the venue, weather, vendors, key people, sickness, injury, or unexpected military or job obligations. Wedding insurance doesn’t cover cold feet, jewelry, gemstones, or pearls.

Wedding insurance can vary in cost depending on the coverage that you are looking for. The average cost can range from $155 – $550. You may also want to consider liability coverage. A general liability plan can cost about $185 and covers up to $1,000,000 in accidents.

The sooner you get wedding insurance, the better off you are. Keep in mind, some insurance companies have limitations and restrictions about how far in advance you can get wedding insurance.

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‘Tis the Season for Wedding Insurance. Are you prepared?

Wedding insurance infographic  Just married truck

Protect your investment.  You hear this often. You do it for your car, home and retirement assets.  You would not think twice about insuring these assets so why not that $25,000 wedding or that $10,000 you are paying to attend that destination wedding?

If you are not planning a wedding or trip then please pass this on to someone you know who is planning one.  You could save them a lot of money.

Check out our wedding site and consider what could go wrong with the wedding plans. For a small premium we can make sure you will not be out of pocket for things that may go wrong with the wedding plans. Check out our other tips when planning a special wedding day.  Ask us for a wedding insurance quote today.

And don’t forget the honeymoon!  Check out what could go wrong with that honeymoon or vacation you planned.  Learn about travel insurance and see if it makes sense for you.

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