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Car insurance rates are rising. Want to know why?

Car insurance rates continue to climb in Bucks and Montgomery counties just like the rest of the state.  There are many reasons why rates are rising:

  • Increased cost of repairs due to safety technology in cars today. They make cars safer but repairs more costly.
  • Gas prices are low so people are driving more miles.
  • More cars on the roads

But the most concerning reason auto insurance rates are rising is distracted driving and distracted walking.

Although distracted driving can be looking at your GPS or navigation system, eating or drinking coffee, changing the radio station; the most concerning distracted driving activity is texting while driving.

I saw a statistic that said when on the interstate traveling 60 MPH the average text would involve looking away from the road for the length of a football field.

Don’t think Bluetooth devices are the answer.  Although better than hand held they still distract the driver.


No text or phone call is worth your life.  If you need to take a call or make a call pull over to a parking area then make the call.  We all hear and see stories of accidents while texting that are life changing for a family.  The loss of a parent or child is devastating. Don’t let it happen to you!

I also mention distracted walking.  We are seeing more and more claims where people are texting or looking at their phone while walking.  They walk right into an intersection while texting and don’t look up.  The result is more accidents involving pedestrians on their phones.

I hope this article will help just a few people put down the phone when driving and walking.  I don’t want to see anymore claims involving pedestrian hit by cars while the walker or driver was texting.

I also want to make a plea to parents.  Remember your kids are watching your driving habits.  If you are texting while driving you not only put your life and other lives at risk but you are setting a terrible example for your kids.

I understand phones are important for all of us. But when did our lives become so complicated that we needed to be available to answer the phone or text immediately?  I for one do not want people thinking I am available 24/7.  I value my life and yours too much.

Spread the word as distracted driving is becoming an epidemic and as serious as drunk driving.

Teens “Inherit” Bad Driving Habits from Parents

According to a study conducted by SADD, 60 % of High School Students say their parents have the biggest influence on their driving habits (see http://sadd.org/teenstoday/parentsdriving.htm)

Consider these findings:

  • 62 % say they talk or text on their cell phone while driving
  • 67% say they speed
  • 33 % say they do not wear seat belts
  • 24% think these behavior are safe

What kind of example do you set for your Teen Drivers?  As summer approaches, teen drivers will take to the road more frequently.  Have you established any ground rules with your teen drivers for summer driving?  Have you explained the new PA law that prohibits texting while driving?

Spencer Insurance can help you.  We have a website designed specifically for parents with teen drivers.  Go to our website at www.spencerinsurance.com and click the “Have a Teen Driver?” icon.

This website provides the following:

  • Parent/Teen Driving Contract that outlines consequences for their actions
  • Free Home Study “Teach your Teen to Drive” online course
  • Valuable information to help you determine if you have the proper coverage
  • 101 Safety Tips for Teens

Spencer Insurance is here to help you.  Call us and we can discuss how you can use all these tools to help your teen become a safer driver.

At Spencer Insurance, “Your Protection and Peace of Mind is our only Business!”

Distracted Driving Kills More People Than Drunk Driving!

That’s right, distracted drivers are causing more accidents and killing more people than drunk drivers.

We at Spencer Insurance are doing something about this and we want to help you and your family avoid the dangers of distracted driving.

When discussing  distracted driving, most people talk about cell phones and texting  This is a major cause of accidents but only one part of the problem.  Have you ever. . .

  • Talked on your cell phone while driving?
  • Applied makeup behind the wheel?
  • Talked to another passenger?
  • Turned your attention to your navigation or stereo system?

It takes less than a second of being distracted to cause an accident.

We have partnered with Driver Care, a web based driver training company to give you a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT on their online training module that can make everyone in your family safer and undistracted drivers. . .  helping you avoid the costly accidents or worse.

Here’s why you should have every driver in your family participate in this potentially lifesaving exercise. . .

  • You want to have a discussion with your teen drivers on the dangers of distracted driving
  • You are protecting the lives of your family members
  • Keep your auto insurance rates low
  • Avoid the aggravation of an accident due to distracted driving

As your personal protection adviser, I want you to not only keep your insurance rates down, I also want to keep you and your family safe.

Here is how it works. . .

The cost of this course is normally $14.95 but since you are a valuable client of ours, we can offer this to you for only $5.98.

Most companies talk about “Accident Forgiveness”, Spencer Insurance wants you to “Avoid the Accidents!”

Protect you family today by learning the dangers of distracted driving.  At Spencer Insurance “Your Protection and Peace of Mind is our only Business!”

Distracted Drivers – It’s not just the Teen Drivers

I was at a town hall meeting in my neighborhood in late September when Representative Josh Shapiro commented that he hoped a bill would pass before the legislators in PA adjourned in a couple weeks.  The bill was a ban on hand held cell phone use and texting while driving.  I welcome this ban and hope it does pass. 

 Texting while driving and talking on a cell phone is something we attribute to our kids.  Young drivers do this. . .  Think Again!

 Distracted drivers and distracted driving does not apply just to our Teens.  We all are guilty.  How many times are you driving when you see a driver do something dangerous then see that person with a cell phone held up to their ear and driving with only one hand.  Drives me nuts!  I have seen too many claims that can be attributed to distracted driving.

 Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents.  The big accidents like drunk driving and police chases get in the news but there are many more minor and major accidents caused by Distracted Driving.

 Some of the common Distracted Driving occurrences:

  • Reaching for something in the car
  • Looking outside the vehicle
  • Eating while driving
  • Reading ( I actually saw a driver on the Schuylkill Expressway in bumper to bumper traffic drinking coffee and reading a newspaper as he inched along)
  • Applying makeup
  • Cell phone use
  • Texting

 The most common cause of accidents among Teen Drivers is tuning the radio. Here is another major problem for Teen Drivers.  Did you know that the likelihood of an accident jumps 5 times when there are 2 or more passengers in your teen driver’s car?  And that number skyrockets when there are more than 3! Many states only allow a Teen Driver to have one other passenger in the car with them.  Pa does not have this law, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enforce this rule.  Have your Teen Driver sign a Teen Driver/Parent Contract.  We can send you a sample,  just call us at 215-885-2200.

 Protect your family by avoiding Distracted Driving.  Talk about Distracted Driving with your family.  Be a GOOD EXAMPLE to your children.  What is the saying. . . The apple does not fall far from the Tree.

 At Spencer Insurance we are working on something that will help you discuss Distracted Driving with your family.  Stay tuned to learn more about this!

 Leave me your comments below about your experiences with Distracted Driving and what you do to discuss this topic with your family.

 P.S.  I hope you have plenty of life insurance to protect your family if you text or use a cell phone while driving.  Call us if you don’t