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Know someone who has a teen driver?


Spencer Insurance has a website just for the “Parents of Teen Drivers.” Check it out.

The website is rich in tips on how to prepare your teen to become a safe driver. We team with parents to help them with some content when you spend the hours needed practicing before your teen can take the exam. We have 16 hour long steps on topics a teen needs to know before they start driving. Get our “Safe Teen Driver Course.”

Check out our Parent/Teen driving contract so your child knows the consequences of certain driving behaviors. We also have links to the surrounding states Department of Motor Vehicles so you can know the law.

Call our office when your son or daughter gets their permit and we will send you our “Teen Driver Kit.”

We wish you the best in teaching your child to become a safe teen driver.

October 19 – 25, 2014 is National Teen Driver Safety Week

texting and driving

Spencer Insurance is committed to Teen Driver Safety. During National Teen Driver Safety Week our agency will be posting valuable tips all week on our Facebook Page about Teen Driver Safety ( Check us out. Go to our page and click “Like” so you will be sure to receive these valuable tips.

Have you checked out our “Parents of Teen Drivers” website? This website provides parents valuable information as they undertake teaching their teen driver to be a safe driver. Some of the content we share is:

  • Tips and Suggestions including a “Teenager – Parent Driving Contract”
  • A list of driver education schools in the area
  • Valuable links including links to Pa, NJ and DE Department of Motor Vehicles
  • A link to our “Safe Teen Driving Course” which provides 16 lessons for parents to use when they are completing the 65 hours of mandated adult-supervised skill building with their student driver.

Go to our “Parent of a Teen Driver” website for this valuable information.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute has a special website to support National Teen Driver Safety Week. Go to our “Parents of Teen Drivers” website to link onto this site. CHOP provides Stats and Facts along with additional links and multimedia presentations.

Spending some quality time teaching your teen driver to be a safe driver is one of the best things a parent can do to keep their child alive. Teaching by example is the most effective technique. Today, cell phone distraction has become the number one killer of teen drivers, surpassing the number of teenager drinking and driving deaths. What example are you showing your teen driver?

Let Spencer Insurance help you by taking advantage of the material we provide on our “Parent of Teen Drivers” website. And . . . don’t forget to review your auto insurance to make sure you have enough protection as you are 5 times more likely to have an accident in your household if you have a teen driver.






We are excited to announce our Re-Designed Website for the Parents of Teen Drivers

We are excited to announce our re-designed Spencer Insurance Teen Driver Website designed for the parents of Teen Drivers!
This Website is designed specifically to help the parents of teen drivers. I remember the highs and lows of teaching my four children to drive.  Actually my wife, Tammy did a much better job of teaching our children how to become safe drivers.  I wish we had the tools available to you when Tammy and I were teaching our four children to drive.
On the website we have many tools to help you:

Make sure you talk to us about reviewing your auto insurance policy to make sure you have the proper coverage now that you have teen drivers.  I would also recommend you purchase an umbrella policy.  Call us today at 215-885-2200for a review of your coverage!

Your friends at Spencer Insurance Agency, Inc.,

NHTSA unveils “5 to Drive” Teen Safety Campaign

This is Teen Driver Safety Week.  The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) unveiled a new campaign that challenges parents to discuss five critical driving practices with their teenage drivers that can have the greatest beneficial impacts in the event of a crash.

The “5 to Drive” campaign encourages parents to visit here and discuss with their teens
one safety topic each day during national teen driver safety week. The “5 to Drive” campaign topics are:

  1. No      cell phone use or texting while driving,
  2. No      extra passengers,
  3. No      speeding,
  4. No      alcohol, and
  5. No      driving or riding without a seat belt.

The objective of the campaign is to counteract poor driving decisions that have contributed to the high death rate among teen drivers.  Visit their website to help you start the discussion with your teen drivers.  Their life could depend on it!

Remember, our teens learn by our example.  Make sure you are setting a good example by following these 5 topics yourself.

For more tips for the parents of teen drivers go to our website and click     teen-driver                    .

Tips for Parents of Teen Driver

This week is Teen Driver Safety Week.  Here are some tips for Parents of Teen drivers.

Here is some great advice form Flaura Winston, MD, PhD about why Postitive Reinforcement from parents if far more effective than scare tactics in teaching teens to drive.  Listen to her from National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.

Check out our website and click theteen-driver for more tips for the parents of teen drivers. Get information on Teen Driver Safety, Teen Driver News and Tips for parents of teen drivers.



A Great Resource for Parents of Teen Drivers. . .

Spencer Insurance has long been an advocate for the Parents of Teen Drivers.  I wanted to put the spotlight on one resource we can provide that is very valuable to the parent of a teen driver.

Have you seen our “Safe Teen Driver Guide?”

Our Safe Teen Driver Guide is a must for parents who are getting started in training a teen to be a safe driver.  The guide provides parents a 16 Lesson Plan.  Each lesson can be the basis for a one hour driving session with your teen driver.  Some of the lessons include tips for teaching teens to drive at night, in bad weather, on city streets and country roads.  It also provides lessons on what to do when an accident happens and vehicle orientation and maintenance.

Lesson 12 is a very timely lesson: Driving in Bad Weather.  This time of year, with wet leaves and snow, provides a great opportunity for parents to help their teen practice to drive in bad conditions.  Many of us avoid taking our teens out in these conditions.  Eventually they will need to learn how to drive in these conditions so why not try it out in a controlled area like a parking lot?

The Guide starts with an introduction, instructions on obtaining a PA Learner’s Permit and the Top 5 Mistakes teen drivers make.

This Guide is available to our clients at no cost.  Just email or call us for your copy.  We will also send a copy to your friends and family.  Just pass the information on to them and have them call our office for their free copy.  Make sure they tell us you told them to call us.

A parent’s responsibility to teach their teen to drive does not stop when their teen gets their license.  Continue to drive with your teen and practice driving in all types of conditions.  Make sure they master these 16 lessons even if they are already licensed.  Remember, driving is a privilege not a right.  Discuss with your teen consequences of their actions which could lead to them losing this privilege.   Let us help you.  Call us today to learn how we can help.

Check out our website for more valuable tips for Parents of Teen Drivers!

What did you do to help your teen driver become a safer driver.  Share your stories with us.  Comment below.

What have you done lately to help your teen become a safer driver?

Time is moving fast. One fourth of the year is nearly gone.  Hopefully, during the first quarter you took advantage of the abundant snowfall by taking your teen driver out for a lesson in driving in the snow.  There is no better way to get experience driving in the snow that with the supervision of a parent.  Make a point of doing this the next time it snows if you have not done so already.

Don’t stop training your teen drivers after they get their license.  Having a license does not make your teen driver an “Experienced Driver” or a “Safe Driver.” It is only with hours behind the wheel that your teen will become a more experienced driver.  Driver’s training is a continual process, not just a number of hours.

How can we help you?

Here are several tools Spencer Insurance Offers:

  • Distracted Driving Module – Click on the Distracted Driving icon on our website at
  • Complete a parent/teen contract. Go to and click on the resources tab.
  • Call us for your Free Copy of our “Safe Teen Driver Guide.”  This guide will provide 16 lessons to guide you in training your teen driver.  Some of the lessons include:
    • Parking
    • Merging and lane hints
    • Reading maps and navigation systems
    • What do you do if you have an accident

We have many other resources on our website designed specifically for parents of teen drivers.  Go to

We know parents have a huge responsibility when it comes to training teen drivers and Spencer Insurance wants to help you.  Take advantage of all the resources we provide for you.   Yes, price is important when it comes to insurance costs, but at Spencer Insurance “Your Protection and Peace of Mind” is our only business! 


The Roads are crazy now that Schools are open again!

Now that Labor Day is behind us we see a lot more activity on the roads.  People are back from vacation, teachers and students are heading back to school and parents are busy driving their children to all their activities.

This is a great time to discuss with your teen drivers the rules you set up when they started driving.  If you have used a Teen Driver Contract, like the one on our website ( then review the contract and consequences with your teen driver.

I know one of the most stressful places to drive is a parking lot, especially one at a High School. Discuss how stressful a parking lot can be with your teen driver.  Distractions are the number one cause of accidents with teen drivers so discuss the different distractions that they will face while driving with their friends.

One of my biggest concerns is cell phone use.  As parents we need to take the lead on this subject.  Our PA legislators cannot pass a meaningful cell phone and texting ban.  I think this is a disgrace as Pennsylvania is one of a very few states not to have this legislation.

Cell phones should not be used when driving. . . PERIOD!  If your teens or you need to make a call or text then pull off the road to do it.  Cell phones give parents a great feeling of security knowing that their teen driver can call 911 or a parent when they need help.  Make sure your teen driver knows that if you call them they do not have to pick it up immediately.  You will leave a voicemail or they can pull over and call you back.  The same goes for texting.

I think the picture above is a humorous way to talk about texting while driving; however this is no laughing matter.  Texting while driving KILLS!  Discuss this with your children and tell them the consequences if you find out they are texting or using a cell phone while driving.  Also, remember to be a good example.  Think for a moment about how your family will cope if you are killed while texting and driving.

Be safe and be aware!  For more information on how to help your Teen Driver become a safe driver check out our website for parents of teen drivers at Let us help you.

Summertime means your Teen drivers are on the move

happy girl in the carSummertime means that your teen drivers are on the move.  That means they are spending more time driving your car.  They may be going to work, the pool, or a friend’s house.  This is a great time to remind them how to be a safe driver.

 What can you do as a parent of a teen driver?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • When you are going on vacation let them do some of the driving.  It may be their first opportunity to drive on an interstate such as I95.  Start them out in a less congested area of the interstate.  This should be a valuable lesson.
  • Check your policy limits.  Now that you have teen drivers your household is 5 times more likely to have an accident.  Check with us to make sure you have the right protections.
  • Take our Free online study course “Teach your teen to drive.”  This course offers several lessons that you may have overlooked when you first taught your teen to drive.  Go to our teen driver website at to take the course with your teen.  Share this link with your friends and family who have a teen driver.

Summertime is a great time of year to continue teaching your teen driver to be a safe driver.  There are usually less activities going on in the summer as you try to relax and get recharged.  Use this valuable time to continue teaching your teen to be a safe driver.  Let us know if we can help you.  Have a great summer!

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Spencer Insurance is pleased to sponsor the Photo Contest.  Make sure you pass this on to your friends and family.  Don’t forget the Parents and Grand Parents.

If you want more info on how to protect your Teen Driver click this link to our website for the parents of teen drivers:

Good Luck to all the contestants!