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Summer is upon us! I thought this would be a good time to share some “Summer Tips” with you.


  • Beach and Pool: Skin Cancer is a serious problem. Make sure you use sunscreen, UVA/UVB sunglasses, and wear a hat to avoid prolong exposure to the sun.
  • Grill Safety: Keep an eye on that gas grill and make sure the hoses have not been chewed by animals. Make sure to clean the grill periodically as grease buildup can cause flare ups and fires. Charcoal grills are more dangerous than gas grills. Be careful when applying the lighter fluid. The location of your grill is critical. Keep it away from your house and garage. Be careful if you grill on the deck especially with charcoal grills. A house on my street had a fire that was caused by a coal that escaped from the bottom of the charcoal grill and fell under the deck. The coal smoldered until later that night when flames shot up the side of the house.
  • Water safety: Learn more about pool and boat safety. The American Red Cross offers tips on their website at The U.S. Coast Guard offers many tips for boater’s safety. Consider taking a Coast Guard safety course which are offered locally. Check out the Coast Guard website at
  • Make sure you check on your elderly neighbors and family. Make sure their homes are properly ventilated with fans or air conditioning to keep them cool and safe.
  • Pets: Make sure you protect your pets from the heat. Keep them in shady areas and do not do any strenuous exercising with them when it is hot. Stay away from asphalt and sandy areas as their paws could burn. Make sure they have plenty of water even when you travel or take them with you on a summer picnic. Make sure you protect them from fleas and ticks as you don’t want your home to become infested with these annoying bugs.

Spencer Insurance Agency has many valuable Summer reports on our website at  Some of the topics we discuss on our website are:

  • Taking your child to college? How is your insurance coverage affected?
  • Should I purchase the extra coverage for the car I rent while on vacation?
  • School is out! Time for that talk with your teen driver (see our teen driver corner in this newsletter).
  • Are your “Summer Toys” properly covered? (Boats, jet ski, motorcycle, ATV or golf cart)

Spencer Insurance Agency is always ready to discuss your safety and protection with you.  Call us today with any questions at 215-885-2200.  You can also email us or visit our website for more tips.

All of us at Spencer Insurance Agency hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer!

School is out! Time for that talk with your teen driver. . .

Summer brings a break from school and an increase in the time your teen drivers spend in the car.

Here are a couple tips:

  • Spend some time with your teen driver in teaching them how to merge onto an expressway or interstate highway and practice changing lanes. Many of us will travel to vacation spots and use interstate highways. Why not use this as a teaching moment for your teen driver.
  • Set the rules for Teen Driving. Remind them of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations “5 to Drive Rules.”
    1. No cell phones while driving
    2. No extra passengers
    3. No Speeding
    4. No Alcohol
    5. Always buckle up.

Most accidents are caused by driver inattention and distraction. Stress safe driving habits with your teen driver.  Review the parent/teen contract on our website to set expectations for your teen driver. For more tips for parents of teen drivers go to our website at  This website is full of information for the parents of teen drivers.


Have a safe an enjoyable summer!


Don’t forget the Moms out there!


I just wanted to send a quick reminder that this year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12th.

If you are a Mom, we wish to honor and thank you for all you have done and continue to do for others.

If you aren’t a mom, remember to give your mom a call or visit, send a card or some flowers. Make sure all the ‘moms’ in your life know how important they are to you.  If your mom is no longer with us then take a minute to remember a special moment with her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

From your Friends at Spencer Insurance Agency, Inc.,

Due to the storm our office is closed on Monday. We can still help. . .

For the safety of our staff, Spencer Insurance Agency will be closed on Monday.  However, we will monitor our voice mail and email so please contact usPlease call claims directly to our companies (see below) as this will speed up the claims process.  Below you will find some vaulable information to help you through this storm.

We are here to help you. . .

We hope all our clients and friends are safe after this recent storm.  Spencer Insurance Agency is here to help you recover from Sandy.  Hopefully the following information will be useful for you.

If you need to make a claim with your insurance company here are some tips:

  • Call the claim into the company as soon as possible.  Check out our WEBSITE  for claim phone numbers for our companies.
  • Due to the volume of claims you may not get through to the company on your first try.  Try a few times as it is best for you      to call the company directly.  This way the claim process gets started immediately. If you call our agency the company will need to contact you before they can start the process.  However, if you cannot get through to your company after a number of attempts call our office at 215-885-2200.
  • The companies Spencer Insurance Agency represent are top notch companies with outstanding claims service, however due to the volume of claims and limited access to the damage an adjustor may have a hard time getting out to see you.  Take the following precautions:
    • Protect your property and make any temporary repairs necessary to protect your house and its contents and minimize hazards.  Move your property to a protected site if necessary.
    • Take pictures of the damage.
    • Do not throw anything away as the insurance company’s adjustor will need to inspect the damaged property.  You can move damaged property outside your house.
    • Start an inventory of the damaged property.
    • Call our office if you have any questions or concerns about your claim.
  • Beware of contractors who knock on your door and offer to help.  Check out these tips from FEMA when hiring a contractor after a natural disaster:
  • Here are a couple websites with tips on what to do after an Hurricane.

Dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster can be very upsetting emotionally and financially.  At Spencer Insurance Agency we are here to help this process go as smoothly as possible. Give us a call at 215-885-2200 if you have any questions or concerns about your claim. When you call our office you get our voice mail please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also contact us on our website.

Do you remember the Transistor radio?

I age myself when I say I remember and have used the rotary telephone, pagers, 8 track tapes, transistor radio, encyclopedias and the record player.  Yes at one time music came on big and small disc called records.

Well, times have changed and now my cell phone is not only my phone but how I get my email, play my music, watch video and movies, take pictures and videos, get directions to your home, play games and search for information. Let that sink in for a minute.  My cell phone now has more power than the first computer our office used back in the early 80s.

I mention this because how we communicate with you has also changed dramatically over the last few years.  You and I have many methods to communicate to each other.  No way is the best way.  The best way is the way that is easiest for you!  So, our agency has many methods for you to use.  You choose which way works best for you.


What are the options?

  • Mail – Yes the US postal service is still in business and we will continue to communicate with you by mail.  Our mailing address continues to be PO Box 54 Jenkintown, PA 19046-0054.
  • Email – Feel free to send us an email.  You can also attach a document to the email. Each member of our staff has an email address.  Our general email address is  You can send us an email 24 hours a day.  All our staff member’s email addresses are located on our website.
  • Telephone – This could mean your work phone, personal land line or a cell phone.  Our main phone number is 215-885-2200.  As much as I hate to use it voice mail is important in our business. When all our staff is busy helping other clients you may get sent to our voice mail.  Please leave us a message.  We constantly monitor our voice mail and one of our staff members who you have known for a long time will return your call.   If you find this is not the case I want to know, email me personally at
  • Fax:  Our fax number is 215-887-9538.  You can fax us a request or send us a document.  Our fax machine is on 24 hours a day seven days a week.
  • Texting:  Spencer Insurance has the ability to text your cell phone when we have important information for you or need important information from you.  You can reply to our text and we will receive your text back on our computer as an email.  We will not abuse texting.  The only time our staff will use texting is to get important information from you that we are missing or to alert you concerning a policy we have with you.
  • Social Networking – The newest means of communication, social networking, allows you to message us directly.  Spencer Insurance has just updated our Facebook page, so search for us as Spencer Insurance Agency.  You will see our familiar logo when you get to our page.  “Like” our Facebook page so you get all our valuable alerts and tips.  Our Facebook page also has a link to our website.
  • Our Website – Our website was recently updated.  You can get valuable tips and information on our website.  You can request an ID card, send a service request, request a quote and contact one of our staff through our website.  There is a list of our companies’ phone numbers and websites so you can go directly to them to immediately make a payment or report a claim. Our website is available to you 24 hours a day every day of the year.

The key to all these options is to provide you, our clients, with an easy method to contact us.  We strive to provide you the best personal service. When you call our office a staff member will update your file by asking you for your cell phone number and email address.  Please remember to contact us should your phone number or email address change.

All of us at Spencer Insurance Agency are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for you to contact us.  We value your suggestions and feedback.  Please send any suggestions or feedback directly to me by emailing me at, faxing me, sending me a letter, messaging me on Facebook, contacting me through our website or calling me. Whatever you prefer!

Thank you for your Business!

The 5 Most Common Auto Accident Claims

Auto insurance claims aren’t typically due to nasty weather, hectic rush-hour
accidents or the occasional wayward tree branch. In reality, there are five
different incidents that make up the majority of auto insurance claims and
unfortunately, many of them are based on common, everyday events.

Parking lot damage: That wayward cart in the parking lot of your favorite
supermarket? You might want to make sure it’s corralled before you do your
weekly shopping because damage that occurs in parking lots is a relatively
common cause for auto insurance claims. But it’s not just errant carts causing a ruckus; people who park too close and nick your car door with theirs are also
to blame. Park as far away from other cars as possible and you are likely to
avoid this type of damage.

Windshield Cracks: As you’re driving each day all manner of debris can come
pummeling toward your car windshield. Rocks hitting windshields and cracking or shattering them is quite common. While there is no real way to avoid this as you
drive, you can at least make sure your driveway is clear so there is one less place
for you to incur this kind of damage.

Vandalism: Vandals can come in all shapes and sizes. From little kids keying your
car on a dare to adults enjoying the creation of mayhem, the chance that your car
will get vandalized is high. Car alarms that trigger when someone gets too close
can help—but parking your car in an enclosed space, like a garage, is the ultimate

Rear-End Collisions: No matter how careful you are, if the person behind you is following too closely or is not paying attention to the road, then you could get hit
from behind. Or if you aren’t paying attention while you drive, it could be you that does the hitting. While this is one of the most common types of auto claim incidents,
it can be easily avoided if you maintain a safe distance from the cars in front
of you; make sure your brake lights are working, and pay attention to the road.

Theft: Whether you have one of those vehicles that is very attractive to thieves or
you have just a regular old car, there’s every possibility that it might be stolen by
professional thieves or kids looking for a joyride. To help avoid the likelihood that you will have an auto insurance claim due to the theft of a vehicle, be sure to always
lock your doors, park under streetlights when possible, and invest in an anti-theft
device like a car alarm or steering wheel clamp.

The next time you review your auto insurance policy, consider the types
of risk you and your automobile are exposed to each day and then, instead of buying
insurance because your state says you must, buy insurance that will actually protect
you from those risks. That is the only way to ensure that you have the coverage you
need and your family deserves. For more information on auto insurance go to the auto section of our website.

Help Us Help a Great Local Fire Company!

Help us help a great local fire company.  From July 1st to September 30th, Spencer Insurance Agency will donate $5 for each referral received to Weldon Fire Company located in Glenside Pa.  In addition Spencer Insurance Agency will donate $1 for the first 200 new Facebook “likes” on its Facebook Page (search for Spencer Insurance Agency) during this time period.

October is fire prevention month and Spencer Insurance wants to get started early so we can present a check to Weldon Fire Company in October.  Weldon Fire Company is part of the group of fire companies protecting Abington Township.  Weldon Fire Company has a rich tradition dating back to 1904.  Spencer Insurance thanks all fire fighters for their dedicated service to our communities.  Help us thank them in a special way by sending us your referrals and by “Liking” our Facebook page.  To learn more about Weldon Fire Company go to their website at


New PA Teen Driver Law became effective on December 24, 2011

Starting December 24, 2011 the new Pennsylvania Teen Driver Law (Act 81 of 2011) became law.  Are you familiar with the changes?  Here are the highlights:

  • The number of hours of supervised, behind the wheel skill building increased from 50 to 65. Ten of these hours must consist of nighttime driving and five of these hours must include driving in poor weather conditions.
  •  For the first six months after receiving their junior driver’s license, a driver is not permitted to have more than one passenger under age 18 who is not an immediate family member (brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister of the junior driver and adopted or foster children living in the same household as the junior driver) in their vehicle unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If they have not been convicted of a driving violation or been partially or fully responsible for a reportable crash after six months, they may have up to three passengers under age 18 who are not immediate family members without a parent or legal guardian present. If they have any convictions or are partially or fully responsible for a reportable crash while a junior driver, they are once again restricted to one passenger. This restriction of only one passenger continues to age 18 for junior drivers who have crashes or violations.
  • Drivers and occupants in a vehicle who are under the age of 18 must wear a properly adjusted and fastened seat belt, and
    children under the age of eight must be securely fastened in a child restraint system. Failure to comply with the new law’s seat belt provisions is a primary offense, meaning that a driver can be pulled over and cited solely for that violation.

For more information on the law go to

Here is where Spencer Insurance Agency can help you .. .

  •  Ask us for a copy of the Spencer Insurance FREE Home Study “Teach Your Teen to Drive” course. This course will provide 16 lessons to help train your Teen Driver.
  • Check out our website  to be directed to our website designed for Parents of Teen Drivers.  Just click on the “Have a Teen Driver” icon.
  • Sign up for our monthly online newsletter exclusively for the Parents of Teen Drivers. Send an email to to start receiving these valuable newsletters.
  • Call our office at 215-885-2200 to review your auto policy to make sure you have the proper coverage now that you have a teen driver.

These changes were designed to help protect Teen Drivers. Make sure you take the time to properly train your teen drivers.  Let
us know what you think about our teen driver website, monthly online newsletter and other materials we provide.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Make your comments  below.

Prepare your house for winter

I would like to share some tips with you as your prepare your house for winter.  Many of these tips will help you avoid potential homeowner’s insurance claims.  Also, now is the time to call your agent to make sure you have the proper coverage.  Having claims can increase your Homeowner’s insurance premiums.  So to help keep your insurance cost low here are a few tips:

  • Winterize your house
    • Insulate pipes
    • Insulate walls and attics
    • Caulking and weather stripping doors and window will save energy costs
    • Check your fireplace and chimney and make sure they are clean and free of nests
    • Check your thermostat and furnace
    • Clean your gutters and downspouts
    • Put new batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Make sure your fire extinguishers are in working order
    • Drain your garden hoses
    • Tune up the snow blower and drain gas from your lawn mower
    • Make sure you have snow shovels and salt
    • Learn how to shut off your water valve should a pipe burst
    • Make a plan on checking on your elderly family members

Making preparations now can help you reduce claims and save money on your homeowner’s insurance and reduce your energy costs.
For more tips on saving money on your insurance visit our website.




Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend!

I just wanted to remind you that Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 Pm on Sunday, November 6th.

So, on Saturday night, make sure you move your clocks back an hour so you’ll be on time for your Sunday events.  Use the extra hour to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and flashlights.

Keep and eye out for the school students walking to and from school.  It may still be dark when they are going and coming from school.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy our Fall weather.

For more tips check out our website!