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Car insurance rates are rising. Want to know why?

Car insurance rates continue to climb in Bucks and Montgomery counties just like the rest of the state.  There are many reasons why rates are rising:

  • Increased cost of repairs due to safety technology in cars today. They make cars safer but repairs more costly.
  • Gas prices are low so people are driving more miles.
  • More cars on the roads

But the most concerning reason auto insurance rates are rising is distracted driving and distracted walking.

Although distracted driving can be looking at your GPS or navigation system, eating or drinking coffee, changing the radio station; the most concerning distracted driving activity is texting while driving.

I saw a statistic that said when on the interstate traveling 60 MPH the average text would involve looking away from the road for the length of a football field.

Don’t think Bluetooth devices are the answer.  Although better than hand held they still distract the driver.


No text or phone call is worth your life.  If you need to take a call or make a call pull over to a parking area then make the call.  We all hear and see stories of accidents while texting that are life changing for a family.  The loss of a parent or child is devastating. Don’t let it happen to you!

I also mention distracted walking.  We are seeing more and more claims where people are texting or looking at their phone while walking.  They walk right into an intersection while texting and don’t look up.  The result is more accidents involving pedestrians on their phones.

I hope this article will help just a few people put down the phone when driving and walking.  I don’t want to see anymore claims involving pedestrian hit by cars while the walker or driver was texting.

I also want to make a plea to parents.  Remember your kids are watching your driving habits.  If you are texting while driving you not only put your life and other lives at risk but you are setting a terrible example for your kids.

I understand phones are important for all of us. But when did our lives become so complicated that we needed to be available to answer the phone or text immediately?  I for one do not want people thinking I am available 24/7.  I value my life and yours too much.

Spread the word as distracted driving is becoming an epidemic and as serious as drunk driving.

Texting while driving. Do you do it?

The new Pa Texting while driving law has been in force for over a month now.  Many people have commented to me that it is not enforceable.  However, I think the law  is a step in the right direction. I think the law should be strengthened to include a total ban on using hand help phones for any purpose.

Hopefully, having the law may persuade some people not to text and drive.  It is sad that we need to legislate common sense, but sometimes we need laws to protect us from ourselves.

I think most people are so accustomed to texting that they just don’t even give it a thought when they text and drive.  I ask that you take a moment and just consider some of the consequences of texting and driving:

  • You get a $50 ticket
  • Someone honks their horn because the light has turned green and you are still texting
  • You cause a serious injury while texting and get sued
  • You cause serious injury or death and are convicted of reckless driving and get jail time
  • You are injured or killed and leave your family without a parent or grandparent

Make the right decision not to use a hand held cell phone while driving.  Take a moment to pull over to answer the phone or text.  Think of the example you are setting for your children and grandchildren when you use a cell phone while driving.

I would like to ask you a favor.  Share with us your experiences.  Let me know what happened to you when someone else was texting or used a hand held cell phone while driving near you.  Let me know what you do.  Do you text?  If so, why do you do it?  Did you ever witness an accident or near accident because someone was using a hand held cell phone.

Share your comments below.  Maybe your comment will be just what someone needs to hear to stop texting while driving.

At Spencer Insurance we are committed to helping people (especially teens) become safe drivers.  Check out our website for tips on how to make your teen a safe driver.  Check out our online module on distracting driving.  This interactive module illustrates many of the distraction we all deal with everyday, not just cell phone use.  We are pleased to provide these to you because at Spencer Insurance, “Your Protection and Peace of Mind is our only Business!”