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Pool Safety

Pool Safety

Pool season is here! There is nothing better on a hot day than to take a dip in your pool. Pools are fun for the whole family (even the dog)! While having a pool is nice, safety needs to be your number one priority. Review these pool safety tips and ensure your family has a fun and SAFE pool season.

  1. Always supervise children when they’re in or near the pool.
  2. Teach children basic water safety tips and swimming lessons. Even if children know how to swim, they still need adult supervision!
  3. Have these items close by at all times when your pool is in use: phone, first aid kit, flotation device, and scissors (cut hair, clothing, or pool cover if needed).
  4. If your child is missing, check the pool area first!
  5. Learn how to perform CPR on children and adults, and update your skills regularly.
  6. Install at least a 5 foot tall fence all the way around your pool and use self-closing/self-latching gates.
  7. Ensure your pool uses compliant drain covers. Ask your pool service provider if you are unsure.
  8. Keep your pool’s cover in good shape. If you notice any defects have them repaired or replaced immediately.

Death and injury from drowning happen every day in pools, natural bodies of water, toilets, bathtubs, and even buckets! Around 10 people drown every day for a total of 3,400 each year.  Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children of all ages. Don’t let your family become another statistic! Have fun and stay safe!

Spencer Insurance suggests that pool owners purchase an umbrella policy.




Do you know the importance of umbrella insurance?

Since February 11th was Umbrella Day, we want to take time to explain that umbrella insurance is not for umbrellas! Umbrella insurance provides extra liability coverage for you or your business. This helps protect you or your business from large claims or lawsuits that exceed the limits of the liability coverage offered by your home, auto, or business insurance policies.

Types of umbrella insurance coverage

There are two types of umbrella insurance coverage. Personal umbrella coverage will take care of claims that are out of reach for your basic homeowners or auto insurance policies. The other type is commercial umbrella insurance. Commercial umbrella coverage will help cover those claims that happen at your business, such as injury or property damage that is too costly for your basic business insurance coverage. Both commercial and personal umbrella insurance will cover bodily injury, injury to reputation, property damages, and court costs.


Who needs umbrella insurance?

There are many types of people who could use the extra coverage of an umbrella policy. If you make decent money or come from a family of money, you should have an umbrella policy. If your family has guests or children over to your property and you have things such as trampolines, pools, playgrounds, tree houses, or blow-up toys or bounce houses, you should have an umbrella insurance policy as well. If you are a landlord and rent out property, you should have an umbrella insurance policy too.


If you think you may need an umbrella insurance policy, take a minute and contact us to start a quote! We are here to help you understand the importance of protecting yourself.


Car crashes into Hatboro home and destroys the home.

A car crashed into a house in Hatboro on Tuesday morning July 5, 2011.  The crash caused a fire which destroyed the home.  Fortunately the residents of the house escaped unharmed.  Our prayers go out to the families of the people killed in the car.  We also send our prayers to the family that lived in the house as they rebuild their home.  I know that even with the best of insurance it will be a trying time for the family.   For details check out the video at

Does your auto insurance cover this amount of property damage?  Most people who call us for a quote have only $100,000 of property damage on their car insurance policy.  I would imagine that the property damage this car caused  is above $400,000.  If you only have $100,000 of property damage coverage where do you come up with the other $300,000?

Check your policy today and call your agent to make sure you have enough coverage.  At Spencer Insurance we regularly recomend our clients purchase a $1,000,000 umbrella policy.  To find out more about Umbrella Policies go to our website at

Spencer Insurance understands that price is important when you purchase your insurance coverage, howenver “The True Cost of Insurance” is the price you pay when you do not have the proper protection. So when you call for quotes on your insurance and the agency only quotes your current coverage, hang up!

At Spencer Insurance we will quote your current coverage, then quote the coverage you should have.  At Spencer Insurance, “Your Protection and Peace of Mind is our only business!”


What is a Personal Umbrella Policy?

A Personal Umbrella Policy is a liability policy that will provide you additional liability coverage if your limits on your personal auto policy or homeowner’s policy are exhausted.  It can also provide coverage for liability gaps in your auto and homeowner’s policies.  It is named umbrella since it is placed above your auto and homeowner’s policies. 

If you are involved in a serious accident and your limits on your auto policy are exhausted, you will then have an additional layer of protection.  Umbrella policies generally start at $1,000,000 in coverage. 

To learn more about Umbrella Insurance go to our website at and click on the resources tab.  Look under Free Reports for our Free Report on Umbrella Insurance.

The cost of Umbrella Insurance can be less than $200 a year.  Call us today at 215-885-2200 for a no obligation quote.  Don’t let an accident bankrupt you.  Protect your assets with the purchase of an umbrella policy.