Consider What Could Go Wrong

Debra and Jack were planning a Caribbean cruise. It had been years since they had taken a vacation and neither of them had been on a cruise, so their excitement built as their departure day approached. As they were packing to leave they saw on the news a terrible hurricane would be in the exact location of their cruising destination. Their plans were disrupted and they were not able to plan another vacation for several more years. If they had purchased traveler’s insurance, then all of this could have been avoided and a new trip planned right away for them.

Jen and Benjamin were planning a trip to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. They could not have been more excited to go away after working so hard to save up for this trip, but unfortunately Benjamin got very sick and was in the hospital the entire week due to a kidney infection. Jen and Benjamin were unable to attend their vacation as they had originally planned. If they would have had the proper traveler’s insurance they could have been reimbursed for their trip in order to plan another one when Benjamin was feeling better.

Lily had planned a girl’s trip with all her best college friends. Lily and her friends were so excited to get on their plane and start the trip. The plane ride was perfect, but when Lily and her friends were waiting for her luggage at baggage claim, Lily’s luggage was lost. Lily was not only in a foreign place without any of her clothes or other essentials, but the airport never found her luggage. If Lily had purchased traveler’s insurance, then she could have been reimbursed for all the clothes and essentials in her luggage.

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