16 Step Home Study Teen Driving Course Offered at No Cost to Parents

cover-of-teen-driver-safety-course-spencerI hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.  I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.  This year I will continue to offer you ways to keep your teen drivers safe.

Car accidents are the leading cause of severe injuries and death among teenagers all across the U.S. and inexperience is the leading factor in these accidents. “New drivers just don’t know how to react to dangerous situations that, many times, they get themselves into,” says Ret. Master Police Officer James Poer who investigated car accidents for 30 years. “Education and most importantly, experience, is critical to helping kids learn how to avoid dangerous situations and how to react when they encounter dangerous situations.”

 Driving school experts recommend 100 hours of behind the wheel experience before a teen drives unsupervised. Unfortunately, driving schools can’t provide this amount of experience. Depending on the state, schools are only required to give 4 to 6 hours of driving practice and with so many students in a class, schools simply cannot provide adequate experience. This places the responsibility on the parents. cover-of-teen-driver-safety-course-spencercover-of-teen-driver-safety-course-spencer

 One way to make the most of this time is to use a home study driving course. By following a structured lesson plan, parents can teach their teens the most important skills to driving safely and make the needed driving time most effective. The Society of Family Insurance Specialists (SFIS) has released a 16 step home study course, The Safe Teen Driver Guide, that provides parents a lesson plan and practice exercises to help them accomplish this important goal. I helped co-author this guide along with Officer Poer and a certified driving school instructor.

 Since receiving a call from local police telling me that my son was in an accident, I have been on a mission to help parents keep their teen drivers safe. My agency offers many tools including GPS teen driver monitoring systems, “How’s My Driving?” bumper stickers, Parent/ Teen Driver Contract, 101 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers and much more. The Safe Teen Driver Guide is one tool that I have had a great response from.  Almost every parent that has received it is grateful for having such a great tool to help them teach their teen to drive.

 This guide is now available at no cost to Philadelphia area parents simply by completing a brief on-line survey. The SFIS is interested in the concerns of parents of teen drivers and is conducting a marketing survey offering the guide and a chance to win a $500 college savings bond as a reward for completing the survey.

Parents can enter the drawing for the savings bond and get a copy of the Safe Teen Driver Guide valued at $59 by taking the survey at www.teendriverinsurance.com/spencer/survey .

For more information on how to keep your teen driver safe visit my website at www.teendriverinsurance.com/spencer.

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