Administrative Professionals Day is fast approaching. . .

I wanted to remind you that Wednesday, April 24 is the day designated in the United States to recognize how much our administrative professionals contribute to our business.  Plan to do something special for those who make your daily operations run well.

Lunch, a small gift, or simply a handwritten card that shows you know what they contribute and face each day can make a real difference in the morale of your team.

I want to acknowledge our great team.  Spencer Insurance Agency is successful thanks to my very dedicated and professional team.  Steve, Joan, Denise, Beth and Chuck make my job much easier.  I know many of you have told me how helpful they are to you.
On April 24th you may get our voicemail after 4PM as I will be taking our staff out to dinner to a restaurant of their choice.

Feel free to share a story of how one of our team members has helped you.  Just comment below.

I hope you have a wonderful Administrative Professionals Day!

Statistics have shown that those owners and managers who remember this day are also more likely to be remembered well on October 16.


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