Purchasing Homeowner’s Insurance in the Lansdale – North Wales Area

The small town charm makes purchasing Homeowner’s insurance in the Lansdale – North Wales area a complicated process.  Many of the homes in this area are very old with a lot of character.  Many of the homes are stone structures dating back to the early 1900s.

Replacing an older home which is destroyed by fire can be an expensive task.  Replacing the stone and milling the woodwork can be very expensive.  It is critical to have the proper replacement cost to make sure you can rebuild your historic Lansdale home.  Charlie and Steve Spencer were born and raised in Jenkintown.  Charlie later moved to Glenside with his wife Tammy.  Steve moved to Hatboro with his wife Kathy.  They truly understand the importance of properly insuring your home to make sure you can rebuild it after a fire.

There are many apartments and condos in the Lansdale – North Wales area.  Too many people don’t think to purchase Renter’s Insurance.  Even in a small apartment above a store on Main Street a renter can have several thousand dollars of contents.  To replace these contents could cost over $25,000.  You can purchase a Renter’s policy in Lansdale, Montgomeryville, North Wales, Gwynedd Valley and Harleysville for around $150 a year.  Not only is this a small amount to pay for protecting your contents, it may also provide a savings on your car insurance if you have the renter’s and car insurance with the same company.  Check with Spencer Insurance Agency for all the discounts on Homeowner’s and Condo insurance in the Glenside and Jenkintown Area.

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The house Charlie grew up in.
This is the home Steve and Charlie were born and raised on Cedar Street in Jenkintown. Like Jenkintown, the Lansdale – North Wales area has a wealth of older homes which need special attention when looking into homeowner’s insurance.

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