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Dear Potential Candidate, 

Thank you for requesting more information about a position on our team. In this email, I want to accomplish several things all designed to save both of us time and effort: 

  • Provide a list of requirements and expectations. 
  • Provide more detail on the job description. 
  • Provide some information about us. 
  • Explain how to apply if you decide to pursue this opportunity. If you can meet all of the following requirements and expectations, I hope you will continue with the next step of our hiring process. 

Requirements and Expectations: 

  • We are located in Jenkintown, PA. You must be able to get to work reliably. 
  • Work hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Occasionally we have staff meetings that start at 8AM. Lunch is 45 minutes and all team members are on flexible lunch breaks. 
  • You must get to work on time. 
  • You must have strong phone skills. You are the primary contact for our agency when a client calls us. You will be spending a lot of time on the phone with our clients and companies. It is imperative that you have strong communication skills. 
  • You must have excellent computer skills and be open to increased automation of all tasks. We use Microsoft Office very extensively. We file and fax electronically. We strive to eliminate paper wherever practical. While you do not need prior experience with electronic filing, you won’t be happy here if you are addicted to paper or afraid of computers or automation. 
  • You must be very proficient with email, social media, texting and using the internet. 
  • You must have a positive, upbeat attitude. 
  • You must be honest and ethical. 
  • You must be committed to work when at work. We do have a friendly, fun environment but it is expected that you act professionally at all times and complete your work. 
  • Similarly, excessive contact with non-business persons during the work day isn’t tolerated. Everyone has a life. Some personal business must be conducted during work hours. Car’s in the shop, kids checking in after school, etc. I understand! However, such contacts must be kept to necessary contact only – that includes emails too. Internet usage is for Spencer Insurance business purposes only. There is no personal use of email or the internet permitted! (News, weather, shopping, etc.) Computers at our office are the property of Spencer Insurance Agency, Inc. and we reserve the right to monitor email and internet usage. Unauthorized use of computers is immediate grounds for dismissal. 
  • You must be committed to learning. Change is constant and fast in our office due to streamlining and automating systems and procedures, new tools and software, and the ever-changing insurance world. If this scares you, you probably won’t be happy here. 
  • You must be able to work independently and be well organized. 
  • You must be willing to follow procedures. Some things need to be done a certain way. Other things may require creativity and personal choice. When there are procedures, you must be able to follow them. 
  • You will work with several agents and staff. You must be willing to work as part of a team. 
  • You do not need experience in all these areas; we will train you as long as you have the basics listed above. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • There is a 90 day introductory period during which time you are expected to earn your Property/Casualty Insurance License. You will have help with getting licensed. You will be given some reading material to study and then sent to a pre-licensing class. 
  • Processing support including data entry, electronic filing, and correspondence. 
  • Light bookkeeping in support of policy transactions. 
  • Preparing certificates of insurance and other documents. 
  • Rating new or updated insurance policies.  Cross selling other policies and upgrading coverage with current clients. 
  • Every day is different. Always a busy and changing environment. Marketing every single day is a must. 
  • Any other clerical or support tasks as requested. In other words, whatever we need done related to the business. 

Information about us: 

If you think you would enjoy this job, here is some information about us and our benefits: 

  • We are a 2nd generation family independent insurance agency. 
  • We’ve been in business and been family-owned since 1963. 
  • We presently have a staff of 6 people. 

Our Benefits Include: 

  • After a 90 day probation period:
    • PTO (personal time off)
    • Holidays 
    • Bonus and incentive plans after a specified period of employment. 
    • Employer contributes to a Health Insurance Plan 
    • Agency outings 

How to Apply: 

If you are interested in applying for this job, please send an email to In the Subject line write the following: “I am interested in the Licensed Account Representative Position.” Attach your resume to the email. DO NOT put your resume in the body of the email. NO VISITS OR CALLS PLEASE! Thank you for your interest,

Charles J. Spencer 

Spencer Insurance Agency, Inc.

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