I usually write about Teen Driver Safety in my Blog.  Since this week is Catholic Schools Week I wanted to thank the many people who helped my wife and I help our children become the people they are today. 

This week we celebrate Catholic Schools Week.  As I reflected about Catholic Schools week I realized I owed thanks to a lot of people who were part not only of my own Catholic education but also that of my four children.  I especially wanted to thank the countless lay teachers, sisters and priests who were part of our education.  Currently we are members of St. Luke’s parish.  Last year biographies of the teachers were printed in our church bulletin. I was very impressed by the stories I read about the teachers. Not only was I impressed with their credentials (certifications, master’s degrees and an award winning principal) but I enjoyed even more their stories about how much they enjoy teaching at a Catholic School and how their Catholic identities influences their teaching.   My children are now all in their twenties and two of my children are teachers.  One teaches in a public high school and one in a Catholic grade school.  I am very proud of both of them as they use their talents to teach our young people. 


As we celebrate Catholic School’s week I want to especially recognize the dedication and sacrifice of our Catholic School teachers.  Thank You!!!  I wanted to let you know you are truly appreciated.

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