Cathy Garry Memorial Golf Tournament was a great success!

The Cathy Garry Memorial Golf Tournament was held on Monday August 2nd.  It was a great success and a lot of fun.

Our foursome tied for first place at 9 under par but lost in a tie breaker.  It is the best my brothers in laws have played together in a long time.  The weather took a break from the hot and humid summer and delivered a pleasant day in the mid 80s with low humidity.  A day away from the office playing golf for a great cause was truly a pleasure.

Spencer Insurance was pleased to donate $5 for each referral we received from March 1st to August 2nd.  We received 44 referrals and were pleased to present a check for $220 in the name of all those who gave us a referral. I want to thank all those who referred business to us.  Your referral and donation in your name made a difference to a family with a child with cancer.

The proceeds of the Golf Tournament are being used to send a family who has a child with cancer to Walt Disney World.  What a great cause, thank you for letting us help out.

There is still time to make an individual donation.  Click this link to be directed to the website:  

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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