Distracted Driving Kills More People Than Drunk Driving!

That’s right, distracted drivers are causing more accidents and killing more people than drunk drivers.

We at Spencer Insurance are doing something about this and we want to help you and your family avoid the dangers of distracted driving.

When discussing  distracted driving, most people talk about cell phones and texting  This is a major cause of accidents but only one part of the problem.  Have you ever. . .

  • Talked on your cell phone while driving?
  • Applied makeup behind the wheel?
  • Talked to another passenger?
  • Turned your attention to your navigation or stereo system?

It takes less than a second of being distracted to cause an accident.

We have partnered with Driver Care, a web based driver training company to give you a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT on their online training module that can make everyone in your family safer and undistracted drivers. . .  helping you avoid the costly accidents or worse.

Here’s why you should have every driver in your family participate in this potentially lifesaving exercise. . .

  • You want to have a discussion with your teen drivers on the dangers of distracted driving
  • You are protecting the lives of your family members
  • Keep your auto insurance rates low
  • Avoid the aggravation of an accident due to distracted driving

As your personal protection adviser, I want you to not only keep your insurance rates down, I also want to keep you and your family safe.

Here is how it works. . .

The cost of this course is normally $14.95 but since you are a valuable client of ours, we can offer this to you for only $5.98.

Most companies talk about “Accident Forgiveness”, Spencer Insurance wants you to “Avoid the Accidents!”

Protect you family today by learning the dangers of distracted driving.  At Spencer Insurance “Your Protection and Peace of Mind is our only Business!”

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