Do I need a special ID card when traveling into Canada?


Canadian ID cards, also known as Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Cards, are required for individuals using their cars to travel to Canada.  U.S. insurers file with Canadian authorities a Power of Attorney and Undertaking (PAU), in which the company agrees to certain conditions. One of these conditions is to meet the minimum third-party liability limits required in the province or territory where the accident took place (in most Canadian jurisdictions, the compulsory third-party liability limit is C$200,000; Nova Scotia is C$500,000). Companies which have filed a PAU can then order and issue a Canadian Non-resident Inter-provincial Motor Vehicle Liability Card (the “Canadian ID Card”) to their insureds for driving into Canada. This insurance card is used as evidence of insurance coverage if a traveler is stopped by enforcement officials or involved in an accident in Canada. Without it, the traveler may be fined for driving without adequate insurance. (Courtesy of IA&B)

If you are taking your car into Canada call our office to get your Canadian ID Card.



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