Don’t forget this step when training your New Teen Driver!

Make sure you go over this lesson with your new Teen Driver before he or she drives on their own for the first time. It is best to BE PREPARED as the Boy Scouts say.


For this lesson, simulate that your teen has been involved in an accident.  Walk your teen through the steps they will need to take if this unfortunate event takes place.


First, think SAFETY.  Can you exit the vehicle?  Watch out for the other cars going around you.  Check on the safety of the other driver and passengers.  Once you are certain everyone is ok, start gathering information.  Take pictures ( most people have a camera on their cell phone) of the accident scene before you move the cars.

Insurance Tip:  Do NOT admit fault to any degree.  Merely state the sequence of events to your best recollection. 

 Collect the names, addresses, phone numbers and driver’s license numbers of the other operator as well as any witnesses. 

Insurance Tip:  Make a note of the license plate numbers of all vehicles involved.  It is amazing the number of times a driver will give false personal information to a police officer.  The registered owner of the vehicle can always be traced with a plate number.

 Write down the sequence of events as you recall them.  Have the other driver and any witnesses do the same.  Make sure they sign, date and note the time of day on their summary of the accident. 

Call me, your Family Insurance Counselor, FIRST.   If I am not available and bodily injury is involved, call the insurance company immediately.  It is a proven fact that the quicker accident victims are contacted, the less likely they are to sue and/or change their story.  Additionally, insurance payments are lower.  If there is no bodily injury, speak to me before you speak to a representative of any insurance company.  Call me for a FREE Portfolio that includes a pad of paper, pen, and a summary of what to do in case of an accident.

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