A few end of the year thoughts. . .

Spencer Easter changed

Happy Thanksgiving from the Spencer Family!

Happy Birthday to my daughter Laura.  Her birthday is today.  She was actually born on Thanksgiving day right after we finished dinner.  I am getting ready to host about 18 for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Our 24 lb. turkey is ordered and the house almost ready for the night.  I await my daughter delicious pumpkin pie.  Actually this year’s numbers are down as I sometimes host 22 to 30.  This year a lot of my siblings are hosting their own Thanksgiving dinner. All our families are growing with kids getting married and grandkids.  It is a very hectic time but I LOVE IT!

As 2014 comes to an end, all of us at Spencer Insurance Agency want to thank you for your business and referrals. We are humbled by the faith you put in our agency and will strive to provide you the highest quality advice and service. However, we are not perfect so I ask you to let me know if you feel neglected or feel you did not receive our standard of providing the highest quality service. I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please send them to me at cspencer@spencerinsurance.com.

All of us at Spencer Insurance Agency wish you a wonderful holiday season. We hope your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays bring you some time for quiet reflection, happiness and peace in your families. We wish you a healthy and successful 2015!

Save me a piece of pie. . .

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