Congratulations!  Your world has changed. Welcome to parenthood.

I remember back when I had my first child.  I kept looking for the instruction manual.  Well, you learn as you go.  All of us at Spencer Insurance wish you the very best!

Now the responsibilities begin. . .

Since there are no instruction manuals we thought it would be helpful to remind you of a few things you should check out:

  • Health Insurance – Make sure you add your child to your health insurance plan.  Check with your HR department or owner to see what is required.
  • Employer Group benefits – Review your benefits available through your employer.  This  is a life change event that opens up opportunities for you to add to your benefits.  Check with your HR department or owner to find out what is available to you. You may only have a small window of time to make any changes. You may have life insurance, accidental death, survivor income and disability income insurance available to you.
  • Review your beneficiary designations – Check them on all your life insurance policies including any available through your employer.  You may need to set up a contingent beneficiary.
  • Talk to an attorney and get a will – The will gives you an opportunity to discuss guardianship arrangements for your baby and how the life insurance proceeds will be paid to your beneficiaries.  The attorney can talk to you about a trust for the benefit of your child.  Spencer Insurance Agency can recommend an estate attorney to you if you do not have one. Make sure to ask the attorney how to list your beneficiaries on your life insurance policies then notify each of the companies and execute the change of beneficiary.
  • Review your life insurance needs – Check out our FREE REPORT“What you need to know about Life Insurance. . . How to Make sure the People You Intended to get your Life Insurance Benefits Actually Get the Benefits!”Call us at 215-885-2200 for a life insurance review.
  • Consider disability insurance – Disability insurance protects your family from the loss of your income due to you becoming disabled due to an accident or sickness.

This is a wonderful time in your life.  Let us help you develop a plan to protect your family.  Call us at 215-885-2200 for an insurance review or email us at

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