Important Insurance tips if you are getting separated or divorced.


When you are dealing with the very emotional and stressful time of a separation or divorce you may not realize how much these situation affect your insurance.

Call us at 215-885-2200 to discuss your separation or divorce.  Let us help educate you on the ways divorce and separation affect your insurance coverage:

  • If you move into an apartment are your contents and liability covered?
  • Whose auto policy will cover the kids?
  • Can I just drop my auto insurance?
  • Will my spouse still be responsible for my life insurance for the benefit of our children?
  • Should I change beneficiaries on my life insurance?
  • What about your wills, Retirement plans, social security?

You can see there are many important issues you need to consider when separating or divorcing.  You need to discuss these issues with your attorney and your insurance professionals. Check out our tips on “Getting a divorce or Separation.”  As always let others you care about know about this valuable information.

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