Is your Life Insurance up to date?

life-family2blogIs your family in jeopardy? Can they maintain their life style if you die?  What will your spouse and children do if they lose your income?

When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance?  It is important to review your life insurance with your agent every few years.  Why?

There are many reasons why you need a review:

  • You had an increase in income
  • You had a child or a second or third child
  • You were divorced or newly married
  • You bought a house or have increased your debt
  • Your children are now attending private schools

These reasons are good reasons to review your coverage to make sure you have enough coverage.  We can ask you a few questions to guide you on how much life insurance you need. 

You also need to look at your current policies.  Term life insurance prices have dropped over the years so you may be paying too much money for your policy.  You may have bought a 20 year term policy 15 years ago and only have 5 years remaining on your policy.  Will 5 years be enough?  Maybe you need to rewrite the policy to get a new 20 year period.

Call us today and ask us to give you a free review of your life insurance needs. Make sure you can answer the question “Do I have enough coverage?”

To learn more about life insurance check out our free report “How to protect yourself and your family if you die.”  Click this link to get the free report:  .

Don’t wait until it is too late, call us today!

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