NHTSA unveils “5 to Drive” Teen Safety Campaign

This is Teen Driver Safety Week.  The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) unveiled a new campaign that challenges parents to discuss five critical driving practices with their teenage drivers that can have the greatest beneficial impacts in the event of a crash.

The “5 to Drive” campaign encourages parents to visit here and discuss with their teens
one safety topic each day during national teen driver safety week. The “5 to Drive” campaign topics are:

  1. No      cell phone use or texting while driving,
  2. No      extra passengers,
  3. No      speeding,
  4. No      alcohol, and
  5. No      driving or riding without a seat belt.

The objective of the campaign is to counteract poor driving decisions that have contributed to the high death rate among teen drivers.  Visit their website to help you start the discussion with your teen drivers.  Their life could depend on it!

Remember, our teens learn by our example.  Make sure you are setting a good example by following these 5 topics yourself.

For more tips for the parents of teen drivers go to our website and click     teen-driver                    .

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