October is Fire Prevention Month

October is dedicated to Fire prevention.  Many of our local Fire companies have open houses during this month. Schools have fire drills to teach students how to safely leave a building in the event of fire.  Support your local fire companies any way you can as they may just save your house or even your life in the event of fire.

We need to do our part to protect our families. What plans have you made at your home or office in the event of fire?  It is very important to have a plan for the safety of your family.  What would your child do if they woke up from the sound of the smoke detector going off?  How would they get out of their room and house?  Where will they go?

I recently came across a website that gives great advice on how to protect your family from a fire.  Go to http://www.firesafety.gov/  and check it out. 

The website offers tips on the following:

When you have a fire Spencer Insurance is ready to help you. However, I would much rather help you prevent a fire and take measures to reduce the risk of fires. 

Make sure you have the proper protection.  Call us if you are not sure.  One of our clients said it best:

          “I experienced a total loss as a result of a house fire.  The very trying time was eased greatly by Spencer Insurance.  I had the proper coverage.  The claims were settled quickly, including a check the following day that we used to start buying the necessities.  My complete energy was used to help my three daughters understand and cope.  I am very thankful that the money end of it was made very easy and I knew that we would fully recover financially.  I hope that no one would have to go through such a loss, but having the proper coverage and a great agency with personal service behind you helps you deal with the more important issues.”       Richard W. Simmons, Blandon, PA

                         As the Boy Scouts proclaim: BE PREPARED!

Leave your comments below about your fire escape plans.  Let me know if they were vaulable

P.S. For tips in what to do after a fire send me an email and I will send you the tips.  Send your email to me at cspencer@spencerinsurance.com


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