Are the offers from my water company necessary?

FAQ: I receive mailings from my water company to purchase coverage to replace or repair my water supply line and sewer line from the street to my house if they break or leak.  Is this covered by my homeowner’s insurance?

A: The Sewer water line from the street to your meter is your responsibility and not your Water Company’s responsibility.  You must pay for repairs or replacement should it leak.  Homeowner’s coverage does not pay for any plumbing work or replacement of pipes.  This is considered wear and tear of the house and is excluded under your policy.  The excavation to uncover the pipes is also excluded in most cases.

I would suggest you read over the offer from your water company and then make a decision as to its merits. You may want to take into account the age of the pipes.  If the water company is doing work on your street it may put stress on old pipes and cause them to break.  You may want to consider replacing the pipe to avoid a cracked pipe and service disruption in the future.

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