Has your Open Enrollment period begun?

If you work for a larger employer you may receive some group life and long term disability benefits.  You probably ask yourself “Should I purchase the supplemental life insurance that is offered? Spencer Insurance Agency wants to help you make this important decision.  There are times it makes sense to purchase this coverage and times when you are better off getting it on your own.  Check out the pros and cons on our website.  I think you will find this very helpful.

Do you have group Long Term Disability Insurance?  I strongly suggest you elect this coverage even if you need to pay the premiums. If you are able to buy up to 70 % do it!  The chances that you will be disabled before age 65 is far greater than the chance that you will die prior to age 65. But be careful of the trap!  Many of these group long term disability plans have a monthly cap.  Check out my article “Is my employer paid Long Term Disability Plan enough? When is 60% only 30%? “

Don’t be caught short!  Contact us today to discuss your options with “Open Enrollment.” Remember your open enrollment only last a few weeks.


Spencer Insurance Agency was voted the “Best Insurance Agency” again for the third year in a row.

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