Schools Back! Check out these safety tips.

You probably have children back in school, returning to school or know someone who has children returning to the class room. Here are some safety tips and links.

• Obey school zones for the safety of our school children. Failure could result in a violation which would cost you a fine and points on your license. This could increase your auto insurance. Note: Not all school zones have flashing lights.

• Be careful of children walking to school. In many areas there are no sidewalks and the children walk on the side of the road.

• Be careful when driving near a school bus stop location. Children could be overflowing into the street or become a distraction. Drive slow.

• Be aware that many teens are driving to school. Be patient with them and understand they are new drivers.

• School Bus safety is critical. Some 25 million students nationwide begin and end their day with a school bus ride. Pennsylvania has some valuable safety tips. Go to their website to view these tips.

• Know your state’s School Bus stopping law. To view Pennsylvania’s Law go to their website.

At Spencer Insurance Agency we care about the safety of your children. Please pass this information on to your friends and family. At Spencer Insurance Agency “Your Protection and Peace of Mind is our Only Business!

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