Now we can open the windows and smell the fresh air! This long, cold winter was a challenge for all of us. Although we did not have the amount of snow that we had last year this long, cold winter was a challenge for all of us. I am sure all of us will be glad to see warmer days.

Now that Spring is here Spencer Insurance has some tips for things you should do this time of year. Check out the following articles on the Spring Section of our Website:

  • Spring Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Home
  • Spring Cleaning Your Finances
  • Daylight Savings Time is back: Replace those batteries.
  • Pre-Season Check-up for your Boat and Jet Ski
  • Itching to Get that Motorcycle out of Storage?
  • Getting Married? Protect Your Investment!

Spencer Insurance is here to help you with all your insurance needs including Motorcycle, RV, boats, and Jet Skis. Contact us today for a quote or review.


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