The Roads are crazy now that Schools are open again!

Now that Labor Day is behind us we see a lot more activity on the roads.  People are back from vacation, teachers and students are heading back to school and parents are busy driving their children to all their activities.

This is a great time to discuss with your teen drivers the rules you set up when they started driving.  If you have used a Teen Driver Contract, like the one on our website ( then review the contract and consequences with your teen driver.

I know one of the most stressful places to drive is a parking lot, especially one at a High School. Discuss how stressful a parking lot can be with your teen driver.  Distractions are the number one cause of accidents with teen drivers so discuss the different distractions that they will face while driving with their friends.

One of my biggest concerns is cell phone use.  As parents we need to take the lead on this subject.  Our PA legislators cannot pass a meaningful cell phone and texting ban.  I think this is a disgrace as Pennsylvania is one of a very few states not to have this legislation.

Cell phones should not be used when driving. . . PERIOD!  If your teens or you need to make a call or text then pull off the road to do it.  Cell phones give parents a great feeling of security knowing that their teen driver can call 911 or a parent when they need help.  Make sure your teen driver knows that if you call them they do not have to pick it up immediately.  You will leave a voicemail or they can pull over and call you back.  The same goes for texting.

I think the picture above is a humorous way to talk about texting while driving; however this is no laughing matter.  Texting while driving KILLS!  Discuss this with your children and tell them the consequences if you find out they are texting or using a cell phone while driving.  Also, remember to be a good example.  Think for a moment about how your family will cope if you are killed while texting and driving.

Be safe and be aware!  For more information on how to help your Teen Driver become a safe driver check out our website for parents of teen drivers at Let us help you.

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