Tools for the Parents of Teen Drivers – Lesson 2

Picking up the keys

Lesson 2

(No shopping cart races)

Start this lesson with a review of Lesson 1 and summarizing the skills you will be teaching today.  The emphasis of this lesson should be on vehicle control and stopping the vehicle.

While driving it is important to be aware of where all the vehicles are on the road.  In order to monitor the other vehicles on the road, a driver must effectively utilize his/her mirrors.  This would be a good time to demonstrate the blind spot.  While the auto is parked, stand in the blind spot to help your teen adjust the side mirrors.  They will not realize until you physically show them this spot is real!  Note:  the side mirrors need to be adjusted out, you should only see a TRACE of the side of the auto.  The KEY is what is next to the auto and outwards.  The teen needs to KNOW all autos are different; some vehicles have larger blind spots than others.

Safety Tip:  Apply the small convex mirrors to both side mirrors. These mirrors increase the view TREMENDOUSLY!


One of the top 5 mistakes teens make is following too closely.  They do not realize the distance it takes to stop a vehicle.  Once your teen is feeling a little more comfortable behind the wheel, have them simulate an emergency stop.

Safety Tip:  Walk off the distance it takes to stop the vehicle from various speeds.  Try using the marked white lines or bring a few cones to mark the distance. This process will help your teen realize just how long it takes to stop the car.  Stress how the distance will increase at highway speeds.


Most vehicles on the road today are equipped with the ABS (Anti-Locking Brake Systems) safety feature.  Try to engage this safety feature today.  Depending on the size of the parking lot you are using, this may be difficult to do.  However, it is important for your teen to experience this safety feature in a controlled environment for the first time.

Lesson # 2

(Parking Lot)


(15 Minutes)


(A, B, C)

Comments, Praise   and

Areas of   Improvement

Review   Previous Lesson

Safety   Check

Discuss   Today’s Lesson

Driving Experience

( 1 Hour)


(A, B, C)

Comments, Praise   and

Areas of   Improvement



Review   Starting

Review   Stopping

Review   Turning  Introduce   New Skill:  Scanning the Road

Scan   Forward

Scan   Side to Side

Blind   Spot

Use   of Mirrors  Introduce   New Skill:


Backing   Straight

Turning   While Backing


(15 Minutes)


Comments, Praise   and

Areas of   Improvement

Scanning   the Road (Anticipating Problems)



Good   Points


Additional Comments:

Skills to review for next lesson:

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