Have you put off buying life insurance? Check out Rachel’s Story.



Life Insurance Awareness Month is coming to a close.

Before it does I wanted to share again with you a powerful story. If you have been procrastinating when it comes to the purchase of life insurance then you need to read “Rachel’s Story”.

This is not fiction, it is real!  I met Rachel through a networking group and she shared her story while we were discussing our businesses.  I asked her if she would put it in writing for me so I could share it.  I could never tell the story as well as her.  She shares the story so you won’t make the same mistake.

Please pass this story to someone you love who needs to purchase life insurance. With term life insurance rates being so low there is no excuse to not own life insurance.  Contact us now before you can’t buy it.  Remember, insurance is something you need to have before something happens!  Thank you Rachel for sharing your story.

Rachel’s Story:

My name is Rachel and I would really love to share my story with you in hopes that you will see the

importance of Life Insurance, even at a time when you still think you are invincible.

I was 28 years old and got married in September of 1999. While on our honeymoon n St. Thomas my

wisdom teeth became abscessed and I had just switched jobs so I was in between health insurance. You

know I was 28, who cares about the 3 month waiting period. I didn’t need COBRA. So I bought some

time with over the counter aids and then in October I woke up and my neck felt stiff, so I rubbed it and

found a lump on the right side just below the ear. I went to my family doctor who said that it was a

swollen lymph node to fight the inflamed wisdom teeth, but he sent me for a CAT scan just to be safe.

The CAT scan came back negative and as soon as January hit I had my teeth pulled and my doctor said it

would take about 30 days for the lymph node to go back to normal. After 30 days it was still swollen.

My doctor sent me to an Ears, nose and throat specialist who treated me for two months on antibiotics and

when it had still not gone away and another lump showed up on the left side, he decided it was time to

remove the “dead lymph node.”

So into surgery I went. The next day the doctor called and told me I had Stage 3 cancer. Long and short,

I survived, but in the mean time my husband and I had bought a house and then after I got better decided

to start a family. After 3 years we decided to adopt and that is when I found out at the age of 33 that I was

going to have difficulty getting life insurance because of my past medical condition.

I filled out the paper work and told the truth when the questions about cancer came up and thank God the

paper work I presented when we applied was all that was needed to proceed with the adoption because my

daughter was born the next month. About a month after she was born I was denied life insurance after the

company had received my medical history from my primary doctor. Thankfully for us, all the papers

were filed with the courts so it did not affect our adoption of my daughter, Faith.

I tell you this story as detailed as I felt necessary because you can see that the time in between getting

married and the time of my diagnoses, I could have applied and gotten life insurance. Then I would have

had the life insurance I needed for an actual event, other than death, the adoption of my daughter. The

adoption required that I have life insurance to be a Mother. I too was young and invincible, but now I am

a 38 year old cancer survivor, waiting out the time limit of 10 years so I can get life insurance at an

affordable rate, and at the amount that would actually benefit my family and not be turned down because I

was High Risk.

So please, don’t view Life Insurance as morbid conversation at a young age. Realize that you have no

idea what life has in store for you. Hopefully you will survive all that is thrown at you and come out with

such a great reward as I did, my Life and my Daughter (my Angel). But for whatever the outcome may



Thank you for listening to my story, God Bless you in your new life, and may you have nothing but

happiness and health, and a piece of paper in your filing cabinet to take care of all you acquire and create!



For more informaiton go to our website or call us at 215-885-2200.

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