Are you concerned about Long–Term Care? You should be!


According to Medicare, at least 70% of people over 65 will need long-term care services at some point.  You should start preparing  for Long Term Care while still in your 40s and 50s.

Long–Term Care includes medical and non–medical care for people who have a chronic illness, disability or cognitive impairment.
Non–medical care includes non-skilled personal care assistance, like help with everyday activities, including eating, bathing, dressing, using a toilet, transferring from a bed to a chair.

Consider these stats:

  • chance of a house fire is 1 in 300
  • Chance of an auto accident is 1 in 30
  • Chance you will need Long Term Care is 4 in 10
  • Chance that you will need Long Term care if you are over 65 is 7 in 10

You protect your home and cars with Homeowners and Auto Insurance.  Protect your retirement assets from being depleted by Long Term Care expenses!

Check out the cost of Long Term Care with Genworth’s Compare Cost of Care Across the United States.

Spencer Insurance Agency wants to provide the information you need to start preparing for you Long Term Care.

Charlie has recently written a report “Spencer’s Tips on Long Term Care. . . What is Long Term Care and How Do I Prepare for it?

Check it out online or call our office at 215-885-2200 and we will be glad to mail you the report.  Feel free to pass the report on to any friends and family you feel needs this information.

What you will find in the report:

  • What is Long Term Care?
  • What is the cost of Long Term Care?
  • What is my best Long Term Care Option?
  • What options do I have to pay for Long Term Care?
  • Does Long Term Care Insurance make sense for me?
  • Are there any tax advantages of Long Term Care      Insurance?
  • Additional Links on the subject of Long Term Care.

Go to the report today and learn more about Long Term Care.  Then give us a call to discuss your Long Term Care needs.  You can also contact us online.

Don’t procrastinate!  As with Life Insurance, the cost of Long Term Care Insurance increases as you get older.  Discuss your options while you are still healthy and have options!  Call us today at 215-885-2200.

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