What does Easter mean to you?

I hope you will share with us what Easter means to you by commenting below.

I was thinking about what Easter means to us the other day and Easter means a lot of things to our family.

As Christians, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.  We are all human so we make mistakes.  It is comforting to know we can be forgiven.  Our Easter Day starts with a visit to church to thank Jesus for his extreme sacrifice.

After mass Tammy and I prepare for our family (about 25 to 30) to join us for Easter Dinner.  Of course the preparations start a couple weeks before Easter.  The house needs to be cleaned (nice to have motivation to clean the house), we need to decorate, dye the Easter Eggs, prepare the Easter baskets and buy the Easter ham.

What is your favorite Easter candy?  My favorite is the coconut cream egg.  Easter makes me think of my Uncle George’s candy store.  You may have visited it in Cape May a few years back (Roth’s candy store on the mall). He made the best coconut cream egg, candy and ice cream.

This year will be exciting with the Grandchildren and an Easter Egg hunt.  Then there is the preparing of the Easter Meal and my Grandmother’s special Ham Gravy recipe!

All of this preparation leads us up to the best part.  Making memories with everyone as we sit down to dinner and celebrate Easter!

Easter marks a new beginning.  The flowers and trees start to come back as Spring gets in to full gear.  Share your thought on Easter below.  Tell us what Easter means to you and share some of your traditions.  Happy Easter!

Spencer Easter changed

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