Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday November 7th at 2:00 AM

I just wanted to remind everyone that Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday November 7th at 2:00 AM.

So make sure you turn your clocks back on Saturday Night before you go to sleep.

Also this is a great time to change the batteries in all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your house.  A small investment in new batteries could save the life of someone in your family.  So change those batteries twice a year when you change the clocks.

Something else you should do is to make sure any dust inside or around the detectors is cleaned out.  I learned about this the hard way when one of my smoke detectors went off at my house while I was at work.  A friend of mine who is a volunteer fireman called me at work to tell me that the fire company was headed to my house.  A concerned neighbor called them to say the smoke detector was going off.

I was a bit embarrassed when I got home and the Fire Marshall handed me a new smoke detector.  Thankfully there was no fire just a dusty smoke detector. I went over and thanked my neighbor for calling the fire company.  It is great to know I have neighbors who care about their neighbors. So save yourself some embarrassment and clean out the dust from your smoke detector. 

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