Do I have adequate coverage?

This question comes to us in many forms.  Do I have full coverage? Do I have good coverage? Am I fully protected?

The answer to these questions can be different for each of our clients.  Our Mission Statement says: “Spencer Insurance Agency, Inc. recommends and provides insurance products and services to our clients that best meets their risk factors in their personal and business lives. The Agency represents top rated competitive carriers. Our goal is to provide an insurance package that reflects the client’s risk that is very competitively priced. While the Agency recognizes that price is an important consideration, it also realizes that our client’s TRUE COSTS can be much higher if they are not properly protected. Your protection and peace of mind is our only business.”

We are happy to review your coverage and needs with you.   An easy way to start is to answer our “20 Question Quiz” which can be found on our website at:  Download and complete this form then fax, email or mail it to us. If you do not have access to a computer call our office at 215-885-2200 and we will send one to you.  After you complete the Quiz our office will contact you to review your needs.  Don’t wait until you have a claim and it is too late. Get your FREE review today!

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