Do you remember the Transistor radio?

I age myself when I say I remember and have used the rotary telephone, pagers, 8 track tapes, transistor radio, encyclopedias and the record player.  Yes at one time music came on big and small disc called records.

Well, times have changed and now my cell phone is not only my phone but how I get my email, play my music, watch video and movies, take pictures and videos, get directions to your home, play games and search for information. Let that sink in for a minute.  My cell phone now has more power than the first computer our office used back in the early 80s.

I mention this because how we communicate with you has also changed dramatically over the last few years.  You and I have many methods to communicate to each other.  No way is the best way.  The best way is the way that is easiest for you!  So, our agency has many methods for you to use.  You choose which way works best for you.


What are the options?

  • Mail – Yes the US postal service is still in business and we will continue to communicate with you by mail.  Our mailing address continues to be PO Box 54 Jenkintown, PA 19046-0054.
  • Email – Feel free to send us an email.  You can also attach a document to the email. Each member of our staff has an email address.  Our general email address is  You can send us an email 24 hours a day.  All our staff member’s email addresses are located on our website.
  • Telephone – This could mean your work phone, personal land line or a cell phone.  Our main phone number is 215-885-2200.  As much as I hate to use it voice mail is important in our business. When all our staff is busy helping other clients you may get sent to our voice mail.  Please leave us a message.  We constantly monitor our voice mail and one of our staff members who you have known for a long time will return your call.   If you find this is not the case I want to know, email me personally at
  • Fax:  Our fax number is 215-887-9538.  You can fax us a request or send us a document.  Our fax machine is on 24 hours a day seven days a week.
  • Texting:  Spencer Insurance has the ability to text your cell phone when we have important information for you or need important information from you.  You can reply to our text and we will receive your text back on our computer as an email.  We will not abuse texting.  The only time our staff will use texting is to get important information from you that we are missing or to alert you concerning a policy we have with you.
  • Social Networking – The newest means of communication, social networking, allows you to message us directly.  Spencer Insurance has just updated our Facebook page, so search for us as Spencer Insurance Agency.  You will see our familiar logo when you get to our page.  “Like” our Facebook page so you get all our valuable alerts and tips.  Our Facebook page also has a link to our website.
  • Our Website – Our website was recently updated.  You can get valuable tips and information on our website.  You can request an ID card, send a service request, request a quote and contact one of our staff through our website.  There is a list of our companies’ phone numbers and websites so you can go directly to them to immediately make a payment or report a claim. Our website is available to you 24 hours a day every day of the year.

The key to all these options is to provide you, our clients, with an easy method to contact us.  We strive to provide you the best personal service. When you call our office a staff member will update your file by asking you for your cell phone number and email address.  Please remember to contact us should your phone number or email address change.

All of us at Spencer Insurance Agency are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for you to contact us.  We value your suggestions and feedback.  Please send any suggestions or feedback directly to me by emailing me at, faxing me, sending me a letter, messaging me on Facebook, contacting me through our website or calling me. Whatever you prefer!

Thank you for your Business!

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