The 5 Most Common Auto Accident Claims

Auto insurance claims aren’t typically due to nasty weather, hectic rush-hour
accidents or the occasional wayward tree branch. In reality, there are five
different incidents that make up the majority of auto insurance claims and
unfortunately, many of them are based on common, everyday events.

Parking lot damage: That wayward cart in the parking lot of your favorite
supermarket? You might want to make sure it’s corralled before you do your
weekly shopping because damage that occurs in parking lots is a relatively
common cause for auto insurance claims. But it’s not just errant carts causing a ruckus; people who park too close and nick your car door with theirs are also
to blame. Park as far away from other cars as possible and you are likely to
avoid this type of damage.

Windshield Cracks: As you’re driving each day all manner of debris can come
pummeling toward your car windshield. Rocks hitting windshields and cracking or shattering them is quite common. While there is no real way to avoid this as you
drive, you can at least make sure your driveway is clear so there is one less place
for you to incur this kind of damage.

Vandalism: Vandals can come in all shapes and sizes. From little kids keying your
car on a dare to adults enjoying the creation of mayhem, the chance that your car
will get vandalized is high. Car alarms that trigger when someone gets too close
can help—but parking your car in an enclosed space, like a garage, is the ultimate

Rear-End Collisions: No matter how careful you are, if the person behind you is following too closely or is not paying attention to the road, then you could get hit
from behind. Or if you aren’t paying attention while you drive, it could be you that does the hitting. While this is one of the most common types of auto claim incidents,
it can be easily avoided if you maintain a safe distance from the cars in front
of you; make sure your brake lights are working, and pay attention to the road.

Theft: Whether you have one of those vehicles that is very attractive to thieves or
you have just a regular old car, there’s every possibility that it might be stolen by
professional thieves or kids looking for a joyride. To help avoid the likelihood that you will have an auto insurance claim due to the theft of a vehicle, be sure to always
lock your doors, park under streetlights when possible, and invest in an anti-theft
device like a car alarm or steering wheel clamp.

The next time you review your auto insurance policy, consider the types
of risk you and your automobile are exposed to each day and then, instead of buying
insurance because your state says you must, buy insurance that will actually protect
you from those risks. That is the only way to ensure that you have the coverage you
need and your family deserves. For more information on auto insurance go to the auto section of our website.

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