Why don’t you have life insurance?

LIfe Insurance and Disability Insurance. Get protected

Is it the cost?  No one asked? Uninsurable?

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  I want to dispel some of the myths associated with life insurance.

First, It cost too much.  Check out this video.  Life insurance may cost less than a cup a coffee a day. No excuse to subject your family to the financial blow of losing your income.

No one asked?  Well, I am asking you to consider protecting your family from this devastating financial blow.  Don’t procrastinate.  Read Rachel’s Story as she shares her story on why she wishes she did not wait.

Finally, Uninsurable?  Are you sure.  If one carrier said you are uninsurable or a high rate class get a second opinion.  We have companies that are better for certain situations.  Give us a call at 215-885-2200 to see if we can get you some coverage.

Nobody likes to talk about death, but let us help you protect your family should you die.  We can’t help with the grief your family will have should you die prematurely.  However, we can make sure this sadness is not compounded with financial hardship also.  Contact us today for a Life Insurance Review.

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