Free Online Home Study Driving Course Offered to Parents to Teach Their Teens to Drive Safely

Picking up the keysTragically car accidents continue to be the primary cause of teenager deaths.  In our area we had three accidents that caused the death of 6 teen drivers in two months. 

I have teamed up with  the Society of Family Insurance Specialists (SFIS) in striving to reduce that statistic by  providing parents a free online 16 step ‘Teach My Teen to Drive’ home study driving course.  This is a tool, available on our Parents of Teen Driver Website  that will allow parents to structure their time with their teen driving to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible in a variety of situations.  The SFIS is a national organization of insurance agents committed to reducing the number of teen driver related accidents and fatalities by providing tools to promote teen driver safety.

Although Pennsylvania only requires 50 hours, driving school experts recommend 100 hours of behind-the-wheel experience before a teen drives unsupervised. By following the step by step online ‘Teach My Teen to Drive’ course with practice exercises for each lesson, parents can not only teach their teens driving skills, but give them the much needed experience. Ret. Police Officer James Poer, who has investigated numerous teen driver accidents during his 30 years as an accident investigator says, “Teens are most likely to cause accidents because they just don’t have the practical experience that mature drivers have to avoid dangerous situations. This course gives parents tools that can help their teens gain this experience and learn the most important skills to safe driving”.

“We at Spencer Insurance are  proud to offer an easy and no-cost way for parents to give this education to their kids.”  “We know that driving schools are important but, they just can’t give new drivers adequate experience. By following our step by step program, parents can take control of and responsibility for their teens’ driver education.”

Members of the SFIS offer many tools including GPS teen driver monitoring systems, Parent/ Teen Driver Contract, 101 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers and much more.

The “Teach My Teen to Drive” online course is available through Charlie’s agency website at  Or parents can contact them directly at 215-885-2200.

Let us help you by getting the most of the 50 hours or more you spend with your teen driver when they are learning how to drive.

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