In December there were three fatal accidents in our area taking the lives of six teen passengers.

 In 41 states there are Teen Driver Laws that limit the number of passengers that can be in a teen driver’s car.  Sadly, Pennsylvania is one of nine states without a law limiting the number of passengers in a car operated by a teen driver.  What additional motivation does the PA Legislature need to pass safer Teen Driver Laws?

It is time to call our State Representatives and Senators and tell them to pass safer Teen Driver Laws.

There are several laws pending to make Teen Driving safer.  Banning texting and limiting the number of passengers in a car driven by a Teen Driver are no brainers yet they continually get defeated when they come up for a vote.

As a parent my heart goes out to the parents of these teens.  A Johns Hopkins University study stated that the chances of a 16 year old dying in a car while a teen driver increased 39 percent with a single passenger, 86 percent with two passengers and 182 percent with three or more passengers.  In the December accidents that claimed lives of the six teen passengers two of the cars had six passengers and the other had three passengers.

Car accidents are the number one cause of death of teenagers.

As parents we are responsible for our children’s safety.  Even if the Pennsylvania legislature will not help us out we should enforce our own laws with our children. 

Number 1: No one is allowed in our vehicles unless they wear a seat belt (even back seat passengers)

Number 2: Outside of your household members, there should be no more than one other passenger in the car driven by your teen driver.

Number 3: No texting or using a cell phone while driving unless you are calling 911!  Parents, be aware that children learn by your example.  Practice what you preach.  Pull over to talk on the phone. At the very least use a hand held device.

Lastly, have your teen driver sign a contract that lists the consequences to any actions breaking your laws.

Visit our website at for a copy of a parent/teen contract and more tips on how to help your teen driver become a safer driver.  His or her life may depend on you!

AND, call your state rep and senator today and tell them to pass laws designed to help keep your teen driver safe.

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