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You are getting your car inspected and you can’t find your auto id card.  You need to pay your insurance bill right away.  Tired of all the paper and want to “Go Green?” Have you ever run into these situations?  We can help!  As always you can call our office at 215-885-2200 and we can assist you, however many of our clients would prefer to go online and get an ID card or pay their bill directly.  With our companies you can do that on the spot 24/7.

All you need to do is set up an account.  Simply go to our website and find the company you have for your auto and/or home policies.  Click the link next to where it says “GO ONLINE” and follow the instructions set up an account.

With this account you can:

  • Choose to “Go Green” by having your policies and correspondence emailed to you securely
  • Have an Auto ID Card emailed to you
  • Pay a bill or change your billing method
  • View, download, save, or print your policies
  • Report and view claims

There’s an App for that!  Yes, many of our companies also have a phone or tablet app.  Go to your phone/tablet’s app store and search for the name of your company and download the app.*

Spencer Insurance wants you to have the best digital experience. If you need any assistance in setting up an account give us a call.

*Note:  Not all companies’ websites and apps have all the same features and some have more.

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