Home Study Driving Course Helps Parents and Teens Enjoy This New Rite of Passage

By Charlie Spencer CLU


Recently there have been news articles pushing for the minimum age for a teen driver to be pushed up to 17 nationwide.  The reasoning is that Teen Driver deaths would go down significantly.


  Another recent push has been to increase to 100 the number of hours needed before driving unsupervised. In Pennsylvania a teen needs only 50 supervised hours before they can go and take the test to get their license. While teenagers look forward to getting their driver’s licenses, their parents often face this juncture of their children’s lives with fear and trepidation. Car accidents are the leading cause of severe injuries and death among teenagers all across the U.S.  I want to make sure you do not experience the same nightmare that my wife and I experienced when the local police came to our door at 11:00 PM one night to tell us our 17 year old son was in an accident.  Fortunately for us he was fine although the car was totaled.


 I think we all agree our teens benefit from more supervised time behind the wheel.  However as parents we struggle and are given little guidance on what to do with this valuable time.  Driver training schools typically provide only 6 to 8 hours of training.  What do we do with the other 92?  “Parents need t take the responsibility to provide their teen with more driving experience” said Officer Poer.  Let us help you. Email or call our office today at 215-885-2200 for our “Safe Teen Driver Guide” which contains 16 lessons.  These lessons provide a step by step outline of driving skills and practice exercises that parents can use to teach their teen to drive. By using this guide, parents can spend time with their child and make the experience more enjoyable.  Plus it gives parents the peace of mind of knowing that their child is a safe driver.


  We want to help you make your teen a safe driver.  Check out my website at www.teendriverinsurance.com/spencer that is dedicated to keeping your teen safe.  The website offers many useful tools for parents to help keep their teens safe.  When you are on the website sign up for VIP Access.  You will get my monthly email newsletter “Driver Seat” which will provide more tips to help make your teen a safe driver.


At Spencer Insurance Agency, Your protection and peace of mind is our only business!

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