By Charlie Spencer CLU



My wife Tammy and I had a wonderful event this past Sunday.  Our son Brian married a wonderful young lady named Jennie Roach.  I wish Brian and Jennie all the best for their bright future.  Jennie, welcome to the Spencer Family!! 


Weddings are a great time to meet up with friends and family and celebrate the occasion.  As the father of the groom I watched as Jennie planned the wedding.  It was better for Jennie that I was not too involved.  She wisely spoke with Tammy and my daughters when planning the wedding.


Well, the insurance agent in me came out during the planning of the wedding and many things that happened at the wedding and during the planning got me thinking insurance.  (Yeah, I know I should get a life).


A wedding is a wonderful time but also a huge investment!  There is a lot of planning, the ceremony, reception, flowers, photographer, etc.  Fortunately for us the wedding went off wonderfully, but I was prepared if something went wrong.


In these economic times we need to be careful who we choose for the reception, photographer, bridal shop, florist, DJ, and more.  What if they go out of business?  What happens with my deposit?  What happens if the bridal shop or photographer goes bankrupt?  For a very small premium you can insure your investment in this wonderful day.  Don’t leave it to chance, insure it.  Call us at 215-885-2200 for more details.


I want your special day to be as wonderful as our wedding was!  Savor the moment!  Remember at Spencer Insurance Agency, Your protection and peace of mind is our only business!

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