11 Safety Tips EVERY Parent Should Enforce

By Charlie Spencer CLU

Well, you are ready to hand over the keys of your car to your teen driver.  Get ready to be nervous but show your teen that you trust them.  Make sure you and your teen have discussed the ground rules.  Make sure you have a written contract and a list of the consequences for breaking any of the rules.  Call us for a copy of a Teen/parent contract.

You as a parent are the best teacher of your teen.  Make sure you lead by example.  Remember every time your teen drives with you he/she will be observing you closely.  Here is a list of 11 safety tips we suggest all parents should enforce:

1.     Practice makes Perfect.  Your teen should have a minimum of 100 hours behind the wheel experience before obtaining their drivers license.

2.     Pay for your teen to attend a professional driving school.

3.     Always wear your seat belt.

4.     Limit the number of passengers.  Driver distraction and peer pressure increases as the number of passenger’s increases.

5.     Install a GPS System.  If your teen knows you are watching, they WILL drive differently!  They WILL drive safer!

6.     Obey the Speed Limit.  Speed KILLS.  Allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.  If you are late, speeding WILL NOT get you there on time!

7.     Ban cell phones while driving.

8.     Maintain your vehicle.  Make sure the windshield is clean and the tires are properly inflated.  Many teens drive older cars; make sure they have newer tires and wiper blades.

9.     Use turn signals to let other drivers know your intentions.

10.            Don’t get caught asleep at the wheel.  Today’s teens are more active than any previous generation.  Consequently, they are out later and are more tired.  Don’t get behind the wheel if you are tired.

11.            Don’t Drink and Drive, and don’t ride with anyone that has been drinking or is otherwise impaired. 


Take the time to train your teen driver to be a safe driver.  It could save a life!


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