I am not using one of my cars for a while. Can I remove insurance on this vehicle?

In Pennsylvania you are required to have  car insurance on your car if it is registered.  Failure to have insurance on a registered vehicle will result in a fine and loss of registration for 90 days.

So unless you are taking the registration off your car (and returning the license plate to the state) you cannot remove auto insurance on that car.

If you return your license plate and store the car on your property then you can remove the coverage.  However, remember that if the stored car is damaged, stolen or burned in a fire you have no coverage.  Also it you are planning to sell the car and take it for a test drive you have no liability coverage if you have an accident.  There is no coverage for a stored car on your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. If your car is financed then your finance company requires you to maintain coverage as part of the loan/lease agreement.


Here is a link to the Pennsylvania law: http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/insurance/index.shtml

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