Letter to the Editor of Philadelphia Inquirer today. This is the unedited version.

To the editor:

March 8, 2011

 Once again, our State Rep, Josh Shapiro, introduced legislation to ban the use of hand held cell phones and texting while driving.  Once again our elected officials failed us by not passing this ban.  We should be outraged!

 Pennsylvania is one of a few states left that does not ban the use of hand held cell phones and texting while driving. How many times have you seen a distracted driver and been annoyed or worse, had an accident because of a distracted driver?  How many injuries and deaths do we need before our State Reps act???

 I have long been an advocate for helping parents train their teen drivers to be safe drivers. It is time for some leadership in our state to get this legislation passed.  This is not a Democrat or Republican issue; it is about protecting the people of Pennsylvania.

 Until our elected officials “Get It,” we as adults must take the lead.  Our teen drivers learn not just by what we tell them, they learn from how we act!  Are you a good example to the teen drivers in your life?  Do you lead by example?  Do your children see you talking or texting on your cell phone while driving?  Is that text or phone call important enough that you risk seriously hurting someone in an accident?  Maybe even you or your child.

 I ask you to do two things.  Continue to pester your state reps to pass this important ban AND lead by example!

For ideas on helping teach your teen to be a safe driver go to our website at www.teendriverinsurance.com/spencer

Leave me a comment with your thoughts on the ban.

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