What have you done lately to help your teen become a safer driver?

Time is moving fast. One fourth of the year is nearly gone.  Hopefully, during the first quarter you took advantage of the abundant snowfall by taking your teen driver out for a lesson in driving in the snow.  There is no better way to get experience driving in the snow that with the supervision of a parent.  Make a point of doing this the next time it snows if you have not done so already.

Don’t stop training your teen drivers after they get their license.  Having a license does not make your teen driver an “Experienced Driver” or a “Safe Driver.” It is only with hours behind the wheel that your teen will become a more experienced driver.  Driver’s training is a continual process, not just a number of hours.

How can we help you?

Here are several tools Spencer Insurance Offers:

  • Distracted Driving Module – Click on the Distracted Driving icon on our website at www.spencerinsurance.com.
  • Complete a parent/teen contract. Go to www.teendriverinsurance.com/spencer and click on the resources tab.
  • Call us for your Free Copy of our “Safe Teen Driver Guide.”  This guide will provide 16 lessons to guide you in training your teen driver.  Some of the lessons include:
    • Parking
    • Merging and lane hints
    • Reading maps and navigation systems
    • What do you do if you have an accident

We have many other resources on our website designed specifically for parents of teen drivers.  Go to www.teendriverinsurance.com/spencer.

We know parents have a huge responsibility when it comes to training teen drivers and Spencer Insurance wants to help you.  Take advantage of all the resources we provide for you.   Yes, price is important when it comes to insurance costs, but at Spencer Insurance “Your Protection and Peace of Mind” is our only business! 


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