What is a Personal Umbrella Policy?

A Personal Umbrella Policy is a liability policy that will provide you additional liability coverage if your limits on your personal auto policy or homeowner’s policy are exhausted.  It can also provide coverage for liability gaps in your auto and homeowner’s policies.  It is named umbrella since it is placed above your auto and homeowner’s policies. 

If you are involved in a serious accident and your limits on your auto policy are exhausted, you will then have an additional layer of protection.  Umbrella policies generally start at $1,000,000 in coverage. 

To learn more about Umbrella Insurance go to our website at www.spencerinsurance.com and click on the resources tab.  Look under Free Reports for our Free Report on Umbrella Insurance.

The cost of Umbrella Insurance can be less than $200 a year.  Call us today at 215-885-2200 for a no obligation quote.  Don’t let an accident bankrupt you.  Protect your assets with the purchase of an umbrella policy.

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