Make your Prom night a Safe one!

April and May is Prom season.  At Spencer Insurance, we want to make sure your teens have a great time and great memories of their proms.  Parents must be active in the Prom plans to insure their teens stay safe.  Teens have enough pressures.  Have a discussion with your teens and especially the teen drivers before they go to the Prom.

 Many schools have programs before Proms to remind students about the dangers of mixing alcohol with the Prom.  Parents should discuss this with their children.

 owever, alcohol for most teens is not the issue.  Distracted driving is the problem.  Your teen will have many distractions driving to and from the prom.  Some include:

  • Being tired
  • Texting and receiving texts while driving
  • There will be many passengers in the car to distract them
  • Tuning the radio
  • Getting lost


Having someone drive you teens to the prom may be expensive, but it may just be the best thing for them to help them avoid distracted driving. 

 There are many resources and tips for parents and teens concerning the prom.  One I found was provided by the Rhode Island State Police. Click Here

 I invite you to add your comments below to tell us what you are doing to protect your teens during Prom time.

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