New Hampshire – Great place to vacation, but what’s up???

I was having lunch today reading the Wall Street Journal and couldn’t believe what I was reading on the front page. “In the land of ‘Live Free or Die” some refuse to buckle under pressure.” 


Our family vacationed in New Hampshire for years and I would recommend you spend some free time there, BUT wear your seatbelt when you drive in New Hampshire.  It seems that New Hampshire is the only state in the country left without a seat belt law.  Now that times are getting tough and Federal money is available if they enact a seat belt law the legislature is considering the law.


However, many residents see this as restricting their rights and are adamantly against the law.  Come on now you have to be kidding! 


A few years back when one of my children was 17 he had a major accident.  He was speeding, lost control of his car and crash through a telephone pole.  To this day I thank God he listen to us and followed our example of wearing seat belts.  The seat belt and air bag saved his life.  I can not imagine any parent not insisting that there children wear seat belts.  It would be child neglect. 


I often say that the role of government is to protect us from ourselves.  Sometimes, and this is one of those cases, we need to be protected by the people we vote into office.


I would urge New Hampshire legislators to pass this law.  If they don’t care about their own life let them at least show some concern for their voter’s children. 


For more information on how to protect your teen drivers check out our website at

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