Third attempt at banning cell phones

A friend of minecar-hit-by-text-messaging-teen sent me this picture in an email today.  It shows the consequences of texting while driving.  An 18 year old girl plowed directly into the rear of another vehicle while going 70 MPH.  She apparently never saw them as she was texting at the time.  What I won’t show you now is the picture of the beautiful 3 year old that was almost killed.  The 3 year old went through 4 hours of surgery to repair multiple skull fractures.


A few of our state legislators lead by Josh Shapiro are trying for the third time to ban the use of cell phones without the use of a hands free device.  Hopefully this time it will pass.  Texting and talking on the cell phone are a major distraction while driving.  


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 1 million U.S. drivers are talking on handheld cell phones at any given moment. (


Parents must instruct their children on certain driving behaviors such as texting.  I am sure that 18 year old above feels terrible now.  Hopefully she will get the word out to her friends.  Our young drivers have enough distractions without using cell phones.  Urge your state lawmakers to pass this important legislation and by the way get a hands free device for your cell phone today!

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