New PA Teen Driver Law became effective on December 24, 2011

Starting December 24, 2011 the new Pennsylvania Teen Driver Law (Act 81 of 2011) became law.  Are you familiar with the changes?  Here are the highlights:

  • The number of hours of supervised, behind the wheel skill building increased from 50 to 65. Ten of these hours must consist of nighttime driving and five of these hours must include driving in poor weather conditions.
  •  For the first six months after receiving their junior driver’s license, a driver is not permitted to have more than one passenger under age 18 who is not an immediate family member (brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister of the junior driver and adopted or foster children living in the same household as the junior driver) in their vehicle unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If they have not been convicted of a driving violation or been partially or fully responsible for a reportable crash after six months, they may have up to three passengers under age 18 who are not immediate family members without a parent or legal guardian present. If they have any convictions or are partially or fully responsible for a reportable crash while a junior driver, they are once again restricted to one passenger. This restriction of only one passenger continues to age 18 for junior drivers who have crashes or violations.
  • Drivers and occupants in a vehicle who are under the age of 18 must wear a properly adjusted and fastened seat belt, and
    children under the age of eight must be securely fastened in a child restraint system. Failure to comply with the new law’s seat belt provisions is a primary offense, meaning that a driver can be pulled over and cited solely for that violation.

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These changes were designed to help protect Teen Drivers. Make sure you take the time to properly train your teen drivers.  Let
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